A Huge Success

by Britt Straw, USWR Volunteer Coordinator

Greetings Wolfpack!

Wolf Stock 2015 was a huge success, & thanks to all of the generous donations we raised over $2,500.00!

BIG shout out to the music performers: Seedless 10DenC, Partner Code, Noize Chemistz, Ethan Cates, The Nutrients, Jo Superhero Ruby Jaye Fradkin, Actors Killed Lincoln, and Angel Garcia Toxicblinds.

Wolfstock 2015

A big thank you to all the volunteers for all your help - Barbara Robinson, Abby Valdez, Shannon Gallimore, Lorna Corkery and Mike Affinito, Dawnie & David Kennedy (with wolf-dog "HOKU", Christine Mikulace, and last but not least, the curator of the refuge, Bill Chamberlain.

We are very grateful to all that helped us achieve such a successful event!

I'm also very pleased to announce that we will be having Wolf Stock 2016 so stay tuned!


The Greatest People in the World!


Since the United States Wolf Refuge was awarded the Underdog Grant this year by Petfolio Magazine, we are the lucky people that get to split the large profits from their ART PAWS fundraiser this past July. The proceeds will be divided between the U.S. Wolf Refuge, Palomino Valley Pet Rescue and Dog Day in the Park Rescue.

We are optimistic that these funds will go s long way in helping us with surgery costs which are greatly needed to help our pack member Comanche who is having a "knee" issue that can only be helped with surgery. Wish COMANCHE luck!

In the Spotlight this Month

Check out the Gift-Shop!

New Hat design

As a reminder to everybody - our Emergency Medical Fund is funded from the sales of U.S.Wolf Refuge Products in our on line Gift Shop. Check out our NEW HATS (with FREE shipping--- all hats and visors now have free shipping) and the NEW EMBROIDERY DESIGNS for our special Denim Jackets. They are AWESOME! (BTW I am starting a file with pictures of complete jackets as we do them for ideas and so that you can see exactly what you will be getting.) Just a note that the pricing is determined by the stitch count so if you fall in love with a large design that has 100,000 stitches in it, it will be more expensive but believe me, it'll be gorgeous! So far the average jacket with front and back embroidery has been in the $150. range) Start thinking about Christmas....the turn around on these jackets is a few weeks. You can also ask me about pricing to do a simple design on a sweatshirt or fleece... Any questions or need design help for a jacket??? Contact Bill a the US Wolf Refuge

Pack Member of the Month



This month I think we should honor NIKITA and especially the woman who initiated his rescue and is the reason that Nikita is alive and living a healthy wonderful life at our Refuge.

Please visit Nikita's page to read his story.

This rescue and animal's survival is a tribute to a woman's big heart and love of animals, Northern Breeds in particular. She contacted me (Shellie Robertson) about Nikita and begged for us to find a way to help him. Julie Reichenbach of Knightsen California was involved in several rescue organizations in the East Contra Costa County Area of California. She was disabled so she made her living with her Boarding Facility which many times was a temporary holding area for rescued dogs waiting transport. She always did whatever she could do to help. Julie died at the age of 48 on April 27th, 2015. It is a sad loss for everyone's hearts that she touched.

We'll miss you Julie and kisses to you from Nikita.


California has its OWN WOLF PACK!!!

California wolf pack
The Shasta pack

Since the elusive OR7 and his mate (with their 3 yearlings AND this year's pups) are teetering back and forth in the Siskyskou Mountain Range between Oregon and California we have a NEW PACK in CALIFORNIA! The Shasta pack has been seen on trail cameras all over Shasta County in Northern California. They consist of a black male, black female and FIVE pups! If you'd like to sign up for updates just visit CDFW News to follow their progress!


Upcoming Events

October 10th -Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Jane Goodall will return as keynote speaker at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo. The U.S. Wolf Refuge will attend as guests.

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