2015 Yellowstone Adventure

by Bill Chamberlain U.S. Wolf Refuge Executive Director

Greetings Wolfpack!

This year's pilgrimage to the nation's most wondrous natural setting was another exciting adventure. It included meeting with some long-time friends and the joy of meeting some new ones.

Bill Chamberlain & Louuisa Wilcox

Aside from those pictured, I got to meet Amaroq Weiss, a dedicated and productive wildlife warrior from the Center for Biological Diversity. There was the showing of Clemens Schenk's documentary OR7-The Journey. This is the story of the first wolf to return to California in nearly 90 years. This film was also very educational about the ways of wild wolves and their exceptional abilities.

Bob Crabtree, Molly Attell, Steve Attell.
Bob Crabtree, Molly Attell, Steve Attell.

This was followed by a wonderful discussion and Q & A session with the film's director Clemens Schenk and Amaroq Weiss. The events of the following day included presentations by Kim Wheeler of the Red Wolf Coalition who gave an update on the program. Oliver Starr talked about the decline of the wolf population in Denali Park. Brain Ertz (a noted environmental attorney) made a most interesting talk about the McKittrick Policy and other legal issues surrounding wildlife regulations and violation prosecutions. Saturday evening there was a panel discussion about wildlife killing contests/derbies. The panel included Camilla Fox (Exec. Director -Project Coyote), Amaroq Weiss (West Coast Organizer for the Center for Biological Diversity), the famous George Wuerthner (a renown author, photographer and ecologists), and Kevin Bixby (Exec, Director of the Southwest Environmental Center). Sunday included a moving and inspirational talk by Mike Mease, (co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign). The program's finale was an exciting presentation by my friend Louisa Willcox (Wild Bears Project Director, Natural Resources Defense Council) who spoke about the many needed changes in wildlife management. Today Louisa's environmental efforts are focused on what she calls "an animal that's the barometer of the health of a place." She's talking about bears. "When you're working on bears," Louisa says, " you're working on wilderness. She agrees that wolves are just as important in assessing the health of any ecosystem.

Brett Haverstick, Steve Attell, George Wuerthner, Camilla Fox, Molly Attell, Bill Chamberlain, Kevin Bixby, Robert Crabtree
Brett Haverstick, Steve Attell, George Wuerthner, Camilla Fox, Molly Attell, Bill Chamberlain, Kevin Bixby, Robert Crabtree

It was disappointing that there was no discussion of the Mexican gray wolf recovery program in AZ and NM. This is the most complicated and controversial wolf recovery program of them all. It is one that I have been involved in for over 20 years. There was no one there that I could discuss it with and gain any insights about Arizona's recent shift in its involvement in Mexican wolf recovery. My presentation at last year's event included a great deal about the Mexican gray wolf and the problems and progress of its recovery.

U.S. Wolf Refuge Receives Check from Petfolio's Art Paws Event

Bill with Landess & Michelle
Bill with Landess & Michelle

We just received our portion of the proceeds from Petfolio's Art Paws event that was held in Reno in July. The picture above is of the event organizers Landess Witmer and Michelle McHardy with Bill Chamberlain at a recent showing of the movie "EXPOSED" in Reno. The $4,680.00 will go a long ways in helping the animals at our refuge and we are eternally grateful for their hard work helping organizations such as ours year after year after year!

A New Entrance Sign to the U.S. Wolf Refuge

New Entrance Sign to th U.S. Wolf Refuge
U.S. Wolf Refuge Entrance

Many thanks go out to my new friend Julie Wilson of Julie's Sign Shoppe. Our new entrance sign was donated to us by this very popular locally owned and operated business. It is metal and will withstand all the various conditions of the 4 seasons here at our facility. We are at 6000' elevation and the winters here provide the arctic conditions that all of the wolves that live here enjoy so much. Many thanks to you Julie!

Pack Member of the Month



Bandit joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on August 15, 2010 as "Lobo". In keeping with our policy of "New Life-New Name" the staff thought that Bandit suited him perfectly since he has a mask around his eyes.

Bandit is a foreclosure pet that came to us from a family in Reno when he was only 11 months old. By the time this poor pup was 11 months old the refuge had become his third home. First as a young puppy his original owner couldn't keep him and when his second family fell in love with him they lost their home. At that time he was a HUGE, GAUKY, FUNNY-LOOKING animal with more ENERGY and STRENGTH than any of us were used to dealing with. We would joke with each other about which one of us would go into his pen with him to feed, water and clean, and get TRAMPLED!

Bandit is (we believe) a wolf-dog that is Wolf and Great Dane OR Wolf and Giant Malamute. He has always had a very sweet, friendly personality but is a lot of dog that most people would find very hard to handle because of his size and strength. He has grown into a STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS WOLF-DOG. He normally shares his 3 acre mountain enclosure with his best-buddy Tully and one or two other large animals. We're confident that we'll be able to find the perfect "forever" home for this big guy someday but until then we thoroughly enjoy his company.

Wolf Awareness Week
October 19-25, 2015

It's that time of year again. Wolf Awareness Week is always the 3rd week in October of every year. There is no other animal that has an entire week dedicated to it. Please help the U.S. Wolf Refuge celebrate this special time. It is the perfect time to contact the senators and legislators of your state and let know that you do not want them to vote for any legislation that contains anything that will weaken, undermine or eliminate the protections of the Endangered Species Act. They are often very devious about this by slipping "anti-wildife riders" into the text of unrelated must-pass bills such as ones dealing with the budget.

The U.S. Wolf Refuge has been fighting this war for over 25 years. Please join us in this fight. To gain some insight about this controversy please watch this video on Predatordefense.org.

Another way to celebrate this marvelous creature is to visit our Gift Shop and look through the many wonderful items that we have for you. If you have purchased items before, check on the Gift Shop again, because we are always adding new items. If you don't find anything you want, simply click on the Donate button and contribute as much as is comfortable for you. Thank you.

OR-7 Documentary Showing in Santa Rosa

On August 26 Clemens Schenk and Amaroq traveled to the Summerfield Cinemas in Santa Rosa, CA to hold another showing the beautiful documentary entitled OR7 - The Journey. Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of the landscape shown in this film and the miraculous abilities, determination and perseverance of the wolf. Again we were surrounded by many friends and wolf advocates.

Bill Chamberlain,  Amaroq Weiss, Dawnie Kennedy, Clemens Schen
l-r Bill Chamberlain, Amaroq Weiss, Dawnie Kennedy, Clemens Schenk

Bill Chamberlain and bay area U.S. Wolf Refuge volunteer Dawnie Kennedy and much of her family attended this event. After the film there was a Q&A session led by the renown wolf biologist Amaroq Weiss and the film's cinematographer Clemens Schenk.

On Wednesday Sept. 23, 2015 OR7-The Journey will be shown at the Rialto Cinema Elmwood - 2966 College Ave. in Berkeley, CA at 7:30pm. This showing is hosted by the Center for Biological Diversity and Earthjustice. In the coming months there will other showing of this film throughout the west. Go to the following website to see a complete listing of all the upcoming showings and buy advance tickets. http://www.or7themovie.com/#!public-screenings-3/cjcz. Also on this site you can purchase the film. It is a worthwhile addition to anyone's film library.

Two Wolves Found Dead in Oregon Raises Poaching Suspicions

In the wake of the wonderful news about OR7's Oregon wolf pack and his pups that have settled in Southern Oregon and the NEW pack that is now the Shasta Pack that is currently residing in Northern California we are sorry to bring this news to you, but it's important that everyone knows and does what you can to prevent its recurrence.

Watch the video on Takepart.com

Upcoming Events

October 10th -Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Jane Goodall will return as keynote speaker at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo. The U.S. Wolf Refuge will attend as guests.

Friday Oct. 16 at 6:30 PM - Camilla Fox, Founder & Executive Director of Project Coyote (& 2014 Conservationist of the Year from the John Muir Society) will introduce a film and lead a discussion about how we can better coexist with wildlife including coyotes (one of the most hunted species in killing contests) and why coyotes are ecologically important, offering specific tips that ranchers and homeowners can take to better coexist with wildlife. She will also discuss coyote contest hunts and why they are ecologically and ethically indefensible.

Nevada Humane Society Education Room, 2825 Longley Lane, Reno

Trish Swain, info@trailsafe.org (775)425-0403

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