44th Annual Stanford Powwow

May 8th, 9th & 10th

Stanford PowWow Mother's Day Weekend 2015
Stanford Powwow

When you receive this e-newsletter we'll be down to the wire for the Powwow. Kasa will be ready in all her beautiful glory to greet the thousands of people that visit our booths every year. Easy-going Takoda just takes it all in stride. He is wonderful!

This year we not only have brand new products in our fundraising Gift Shop at the Powwow but we have just added them to our on-line Gift Shop. If you'd like to check out our new Custom Emroidered Tote Bags and our New Ladies Tank Tops just go to the Gift Shop. Please note: that any orders thru the on-line Gift Shop cannot be handled until after May 10th when the Powwow is behind us and that the tote bags may have to be ordered. You will be emailed when the items are in the mail.

New items in the U.S. Wolf Refuge Gift Shop

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Update on Niko?

Niko after ACL surgery
Niko after ACL surgery

Niko's surgery is behind him but his recovery has not been as speedy as we had hoped. He is still favoring his right rear leg and only occasionally puts it on the ground with any weight on it. Our veterinarian says it will be 6-8 weeks for him to fully recover. Paws-crossed!

We would like to thank everyone that made contributions to help cover the costs of his surgery. Hopefully we are not forgetting anyone: P.McLaughlin - L.Corkery - C.Alexander - J.Lozano - D.Sion - R.Roselli - C.Mikulice - P.VanDort - P.Ensign - J.Parker - D.Carlton - S.Robertson - S.Bouillon - M.Doyle - N.Thomas. There were also several "anonymous" donations made thru the GoFundMe donation drive.

All of your help, along with our wonderful veterinarian giving us discounts wherever possible, has made it possible for us to pay the costs of Niko's surgery in full. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Pack Member of the Month



We estimated Comanche's year of birth as 2006 but this wolf's darker multi-colored fur is now almost all gray. He is definitely now a "senior". It has now been about seven years since the weekend at the Stanford Powwow in California when we were approached by a lady who asked if we knew of any rescue resources for a wolf-dog. It turned out that lady was a veterinarian at the San Jose Animal Shelter where an animal was being held for the past two months in protective custody, the victim of severe abuse. Comanche had been taken from his former owner with TWO embedded chains in his neck! The collars were surgically removed by these wonderful people and now Comanche needed a new place to start his new life. Three days later Comanche was picked up at the facility by myself (volunteer Shellie Robertson) and taken from San Jose to our home in Antioch where Bill Chamberlain was enroute to pick him up and transport him the remainder of the way to his new home in Nevada.

Since coming to the Refuge, Comanche has made a complete turn around. After being here and being around all the other wolves here, he became quite assertive and had no reservations about letting you see all 42 of his teeth. Back then he made attempts to bite several people, but everyone pretty much managed to avoid injury. After lots of patience, love and attention, he is now a big "snugglebug". He knows he has nothing to fear from any of his keepers and we have grown to trust eachother completely. It is truly a joy to watch him so happy and content in his new life. Comanche is one of our greatest success stories and we love to brag about him... rightfully so. Comanche is the epitome of why we do what we do for these animals.top of page

Another Wonderful Speaking Tour

in Beautiful Sedona, Arizona

by Bill Chamberlain

The event put on by the U.S. Forest Service featuring the U.S. Wolf Refuge and AZ Dept. of Fish & Game in the Oak Creek area last January was such a success that the activities director of the beautiful Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ decided to have a couple of events just like it at their resort. So on Tuesday March 17 Kasa helped me pack the truck and got us ready to leave on another exciting adventure.

Senora Speaking tour
Bill Chamberlain

On Thursday March 19 we made a presentation that went quite well. The audience was an equal distribution of adults and children. Kasa was a real hit (as usual). Our board member Doris McFadden spoke about livestock protection dogs and many of the other wolf/livestock encounter avoidance techniques. Kathy Poteet, a dedicated volunteer who lives in Chino Valley, AZ helped with getting to the events, handling Kasa and speaking with much of the audience. Her assistance is highly appreciated.

U.S. Wolf Refuge volunteer Kathy Poteet
U.S. Wolf Refuge volunteer Kathy Poteet at The Medicine Wheel Lodge in Rim Rock, AZ. It now has 4 wolf-dogs and teaches visitors the Native American spiritual side of wolves. They have visitors from all over the world. medicinewheellodge.com/

It was just several months ago the U.S. Fish & Wildlife made some sweeping changes to the management of the Mexican gray wolf - a distinct subspecies of the gray wolf of North America. This magnificent animal is the most highly endangered wolf in the world and the most highly endangered mammal of North America. My presentation covered much of its history, behavior and biology. I lightly covered these monumental changes and their legal, biological and political implications.

Enchantment Managers Felicia Filep (left) and Rebecca Wolf (right) with Kasa.
Enchantment Managers Felicia Filep (left) and Rebecca Wolf (right) with Kasa.

On March 25 we made another presentation in the same room of this beautiful resort. The setting is simply gorgeous with the beautiful Red Rock mountains in the background and the peace and tranquility that reviles that of the U.S. Wolf Refuge. This presentation went even better than the first. I was able to share all aspects of the recovery of the Mexican wolf. We reached many AZ residents who were unaware of the obstacles of this recovery program. I covered many of the reasons for these obstacles and the difficulty of overcoming them. Much of the audience was inspired to take some action. This alone made the entire trip worthwhile.

The return trip back to the Refuge was smooth and uneventful. I would like to thank Doris McFadden, Kathy Poteet, Felicia Filep and Rebecca Wolf of the Enchantment Resort. I have been actively involved in the recovery of the Mexican gray wolf for almost 20 years. It has been a passionate objective of mine. I have felt joy for each of the successes and the pain of each of its setbacks. Its future is still in peril. The impact of these new changes in how they are managed will only be known in the coming months and years.top of page

Upcoming Events

May 8th-10th Stanford Powwow, Palo Alto CA

July 12th - McKinley Art Center, Reno NV

Reno's Top Pet Event – Support the U.S. Wolf Refuge by attending the event and voting for the U.S. Wolf Refuge as you favorite animal rescue!

October 10th -Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

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