2015 Wildlife Conservation Network Expo, San Francisco, CA

by Bill Chamberlain U.S. Wolf Refuge Executive Director

This year's expo was another wonderful day with beautiful weather in San Francisco. Volunteers Kai Schade, Dave Kennedy, Brittany Straw, along with Staff Person Christine Mikulice, helped tremendously in all the necessary tasks of presenting the U.S. Wolf Refuge in the most attractive and professional way. Our long-time friends and volunteers Nancy Brown and her daughter Madison (who live in the area) gave us some quality time together, lodging and wonderful meals. Thank You Nancy!

WCN Expo participants with Kai & Dave (left) & Brittany (right)
WCN Expo participants with Kai & Dave (left) & Brittany (right)

This year was the 6th year that the U.S. Wolf Refuge has attended this event, and my dear friend Jane Goodall was there. Her speaking was so popular than she was asked to make 2 presentations instead of her usual one. In addition to her 2 presentations she signs hundreds of books and speaks with hundreds of people. It is an exciting but exhausting day for us all.

Dr. Goodall with Bill Chamberlain & Kai Schade
Dr. Goodall with Bill Chamberlain & Kai Schade

Bill Chamberlain, Dr. Goodall,
Brittany & Kai

Kai, Brittany and I got the exciting opportunity to spend a few private moments with Dr. Goodall. We talked mainly about personal things and our mutual aspirations to make the word a better place. We also discussed some of the initial logistics of bringing Dr. Goodall to Reno, NV make a presentation sometime in 2016.

I also had the opportunity to have some intense and in-depth conversations with Ian Douglas-Hamilton who is the world's foremost expert concerning elephants, and Laurie Marker, the founder & executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Laurie is the world's leading cheetah expert.

Laurie Marker of Cheetah Conservation Fund with Bill
Laurie Marker of Cheetah Conservation Fund with Bill (left)
Ian Douglas-Hamilton with Bill (right)

Dr. Goodall attends this event every other year. We plan on attending next year as well as the following year when she is once again in the area.

Pack Member of the Month



U.S. Wolf Refuge pack member "Nahini" joined our pack a little over a year ago as a mature seven year old from Minden NV. Her name was derived from a native American name meaning Silver Lake. The former owner of this beautiful female Arctic Wolf purchased her from a breeder as a pup to become the companion of "Lobo", our older Gray Wolf.

For whatever reason, she was no longer able to keep Nahini so the U.S. Wolf Refuge will be her home for the rest of her life. She is a permanent resident and not available for adoption. After her surrender, her long time pen mate Lobo (an older male) began to grieve her absence so he was also given up for his own well being. They happily share a very large mountain enclosure where they roam at their leisure and rest in the shade of the many juniper trees.

Although we don't always know the full circumstances that result in reasons why some of our pack members become homeless, this serves as an example of why we work diligently to educate people about keeping wolves and wolf-dogs as pets and for the sake of the animal, ask that they educate themselves fully about these animals before bringing one into their home. We discourage buying from a breeder (which of course encourages more breeding).

Nahini is a magnificent wolf that exhibits strong wolf behaviors. She accepts attention from some of our more experienced volunteers strictly on her own terms. You've gotta love her for that!

Support Your Refuge & Our Pack!


Temerity, former USWR Ambassador & inspiration for our emergency medical fund. We know that she is still watching over her pack!

Shop in our On-Line Gift Shop for the upcoming holidays ~ all of the proceeds fund "Temerity's 4-Footed Angels" Emergency Medical Fund.

Upcoming Events

Stanford Powwow - May 6, 7 & 8, 2016 Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.

Other speaking engagements and events local to the Reno NV area are being planned and will be presented to our readers when they are scheduled.

Happy Thanksgiving

From everyone at the U.S. Wolf Refuge ... We wish you a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

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