Letter from Our Director

by Bill Chamberlain

This is the time of year when many of us look at our lives and take stock of all we have and how fortunate we are. For many others it is a time that brings on less optimistic feelings. The U.S. Wolf Refuge is on both sides of this.

Many of you have been with us since our humble beginnings back in 1984. Your support over the years has been appreciated more than words can express but many others are just learning about us and what we do. In the past 31 years the U.S. Wolf Refuge has:

  • Saved or improved the lives of thousands of these wondrous creatures.
  • Developed our facility into one of the nation's finest.
  • Had a few huge successes in the war of wildlife restoration and recovery and related issues (*with cooperation of other groups*).
  • Aligned ourselves with some of the world's most renowned biologists, conservationists and scientists in natural resource conservation.
  Dr Jane Goodall
Dr Jane Goodall
Doug Smith
Doug Smith

 Laurie Marker
Laurie Marker
Ian Douglas-Hamilton
Camilla Fox, Oliver Starr
Camilla Fox - Project Director
Oliver Starr - Wolf Educator
Amaroq Weiss Ctr Bio. Diversity
Dawnie Kennedy - USWR volunteer
Clements Schenk - OR-7 producer
Brett Haverstick - Speak For Wolves
Steve Attell - Project Coyote
George Wuerther - author/ecologist
Camilla Fox - Project Coyote Director
Molly Attell - Project Coyote
Kevin Bixby - SW Environmental Ctr.
Robert Crabtree - Yellowstone Ecological Research Ctr
Trish Swain - TrailSafe Nevada
Brooks Fahy - Exposed Producer
Don Molde - NV Wildlife Advocate

Along with all these wonderful things for which we are most thankful, we are also quite frustrated by those things we have been unable to accomplish. The U.S. Wolf Refuge has now become active in natural resource conservation (ie: air quality, clean water, forestry and habitat preservation and wildlife conservation). The reason we have expanded our focus into to these areas is simply because they are all intrinsically interwoven with wolf recovery, and the opposition to these issues comes from the same extreme groups that oppose wolf recovery. These groups have vast financial resources and political influence. To oppose them our voices must be heard loud and continuously.

This country is in the middle of the most politically controversial period in recent history. We are now seeing the actions of our leaders (and aspiring leaders) being greatly impacted by huge financial and special-interest influences. They are totally ignoring the most credible and verifiable science available.

I have made presentations all across this country from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA about this. I have spoken in front of wildlife agencies, politicians, universities and the public. These presentations have always been respectful deliveries of verifiable and established science supported by statistics of overwhelming public support. Many of the opposing presentations contained fabricated, embellished or misleading information. It is more than obvious that the governmental actions that were taken as a result went against the best available science because of these huge financial influences. (lobbying)

All the research, preparation and travel for these speaking tours has been extremely costly. In addition the improvements to the facility has also been expensive. Our budget has remained basically the same for the past several years. We are now looking to expand our budget in such a way that we are better able to make financial plans and goals. This will allow us to accomplish even more and enrich the quality of life for not only the animals here at the Refuge but wolves in the wild as well.

The U.S. Wolf Refuge has never had any debt. If we do not have the funds for a project it doesn't get done until we do. This makes it more difficult to budget for major projects and to have funds available for emergencies. We have never had any salaries. All labor has been strictly volunteer.

So we are now looking for major capital expense donations. We are also seeking endowment donors. An endowment that produces $50k-$60k annually is extremely small compared to the millions that many other established non-profits enjoy. We have two Edward Jones financial consultants/advisors who are willing to manage these endowment(s) if you do not want to manage them with your own financial advisor. You can also simply make such a capital donation directly to the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Such a change in our financial foundation would be extremely beneficial not only to the efforts of the U.S. Wolf Refuge but to all wildlife and the human environment. Our overall objective is to make the world a better place in every way we can. We cannot do this alone. We need your help.

Please make a generous donation today! It will help us in our endeavor to make life better for us humans, all animals and the environment.

Pack Member of the Month



Tully (who is now 11 years old) joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on September 23, 2009 from a ranch in Madera CA. His owner sold the ranch after his wife passed away and since he had already been unsuccessful keeping Tully within the property lines of the ranch, he contacted Bill Chamberlain directly to ask him to take him. Tully would constantly jump the fence and go over to the neighbors to play with their dog. He was most likely just young, bored, full of energy and wanted to play.

Everyone loves Tully so it remains a mystery to us how anyone could give him up, including the two adopted homes he has found while living at our refuge. For unknown reasons this big boy who just loves people keeps coming back to the refuge like a boomerang. Tully loves to play and wrestle, especially with his pen mates Bandit and Keoke. These are three of the largest, strongest and most energetic male wolf-dogs residing at our facility and they share one of our beautiful three acre mountain enclosures. They are sometimes joined by a fourth.

The Rogue Pack
Updates on our friend OR-7

Ever since Wolf OR-7 made his historic "Journey" into Northern California many of us have tried to follow whatever efforts are being made to keep track of him including his mate, yearlings and this year's litter. USWR Staff person Christine Mikulice shared this article from October 31st this year that I'm sure many of you will enjoy.

With radio collar out, scientists use howls to track wolf

Upcoming Events

Stanford Powwow - May 6, 7 & 8, 2016 Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.

Other speaking engagements and events local to the Reno NV area are being planned and will be presented to our readers when they are scheduled.

Happy Thanksgiving

From everyone at the U.S. Wolf Refuge ... We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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