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This year's Art Paw's event in Reno was attended by a multitude of animal rescue organizations that operate in the Reno area as well as animal lovers from near and far. There were animals (especially dogs) of just about any breed that you could ever think of ... and some that you probably never thought of like a Saint Bernard/Standard Poodle mix that was a giant, curly ball of fur that tipped the scale far north of 100 lbs. WAY TOO CUTE! But, then again, this is coming from the people who help animals that are bred from WOLVES & DOGS so some people think we're a little strange too!

Art Paws 2015

This year the U.S. Wolf Refuge was not eligible to be in the running for the most votes from the event attendees to compete for the "Reader's Choice" award for the most popular animal rescue group in the area (which we have been fortunate to win a few times in the past) BECAUSE we have been honored to be selected to as one of the two "Under-Dog Grant" recipients by Petfolio Magazine! This is a really big deal since the proceeds from this fundraising event are divided three ways between both of the grant recipients and the Readers Choice winner. Our supporters know how much this award means to the refuge and to our Pack.

U.S. Refuge staff members Chris Mikulice and Shellie Robertson came from California to work at the event and brought along Shellie's sister Sandee Gaillard. It was Sandee's first visit to the refuge and her first experience being around any of the members of our pack...she is definitely returning! Staff person Lorna Corkery with volunteer Mike also attended and always help so much. Bill Chamberlain and our new Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Straw were the primary people speaking to the event attendees with our Ambassador Wolf-Dog Kasa by their sides.

We all had a great time and celebrated with a pizza party after the event where we were joined by our wonderful webmaster Paul Van Dort and his wife Mitzi. Fun times with good friends.

Pack Member of the Month



Since one of our most senior pack members "LOBO" has been in the spot light at the refuge for the past few weeks he is our Pack Member of the Month for August 2015.

12 year old Lobo joined our pack, after his pen mate Nahini, about a year ago. He is a pure wolf that came to us from and owner in Minden NV. Lobo and Nahini prefer to stay pretty much to themselves, typical wolf behavior.

Lobo and our veterinarian Maureen Adams
Lobo and our veterinarian Maureen Adams

On July 15th our veterinarian Maureen Adams from All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Reno came to the refuge with her vet tech Lee to examine Lobo. He has had 5 "lumps" for quite some time which we assumed to be fatty tumors but since we didn't know how long he has had them and were unable to tell if they were growing, our vet came to take a look at them herself. She then suggested we pack him up in the truck and take him into Reno to the clinic to take tissue samples. Lucky for Lobo (and us) they are all benign.

To help Lobo celebrate his good news his Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special for the entire month of August.

As many of you know the proceeds from the products that we sell at events and in our on-line Gift Shop fund our emergency medical fund "Temerity's 4-Footed Angels". Lobo's recent medical costs have luckily be covered by this fund.

Welcome Our New Volunteer Coordinator Brittany "Britt" Straw

Art Paws Reno's Largest Animal Benefit
Art Paws Reno's Largest Animal Benefit

The U.S. Wolf Refuge has been fortunate to meet new volunteer Brittany Straw. "Britt" lives in the Reno area and has been so enthusiastic and motivated to help the refuge in any way she can, especially by recruiting new local volunteers, so we have asked her to be our new "Volunteer Coordinator". She accepted the position the weekend of the Art Paws event.

Anyone wishing to talk to Britt about volunteer opportunities at the refuge use the Contact Form


Fundraiser for the U.S. Wolf Refuge


U.S. Wolf Refuge new Volunteer Coordinator, Britt Straw, is organizing a large FUNDRAISER for the refuge.

When: August 16th
Where: JUB JUB'S THIRST PARLOR, 71 S. Wells Ave. Reno NV. (775) 384-1652
Time: 2:00 to 10:00 p.m.

There will be raffles, silent auctions and live music throughout the event. You do not have to be present to win, and it's free entry. There's a ton of awesome prizes up for grabs! The venue allows children from 2-5:00p.m. After 5PM it's 21+ only.

100% of the proceeds go strictly to the welfare of our beloved animals. Please come to show your support for this GREAT cause and to help the 19 wolves and wolf-dogs under our care.

Upcoming Events

August 7 thru 9 - SPEAK FOR WOLVES

West Yellowstone, MT.

August 16 - U.S. Wolf Refuge Fundraiser - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor, Reno 71 S. Wells Ave. Reno 775-384-1652 2:00-10:00 p.m

October 10th -Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Jane Goodall will return as keynote speaker at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo. The U.S. Wolf Refuge will attend as guests.

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