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Our Magnificent Comanche Crosses The Rainbow Bridge


Things are pretty gloomy here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. February 12, 2018 was the last day our magnificent Comanche got to spend with us. His age and condition had deteriorated so that he let us know it was time to go. He will leave a hole in our hearts and our souls that can never be repaired.

Comanche's story is one that gives all that we do meaning and purpose. The passion and dedication to Comanche by our entire staff for the past 9 years is beyond words. It was what saved this remarkable animal's life. Comanche is the epitome of why we do what we do for these animals.

Comanche and Bill
Comanche and Bill

Comanche came to us in 2008 from the Animal Control facility in San Jose, CA. They had found him chained inside of a van. He was in fair condition but his attitude was quite hostile. The two chains that were embedded in his neck took over 3 hours of surgery to remove - link by link.

Comanche and Bill at the Refuge
Comanche and Bill at the Refuge

Comanche is a big boy. He is about 30" tall with a powerful physique. Transporting him from San Jose to Nevada was done with extreme caution. He was young, very strong and not happy. During his first years at the Refuge he was quite an angry beast. His adjustment to living here was quite tumultuous. When something wasn't going as he thought it should he often would lash out by biting whoever was close by. Although he was bigger than many of the other animals here at the time, he did not exude his physical power over them. In his life here he has experienced several incidents where other animals who he had peacefully coexisted with him for months showed him he wasn't as tough as he thought. These incidents resulted in significant vet expenses to repair his combat wounds.

All the anxiety and persistence by all the volunteers that were allowed to deal with him has turned this abused, mistreated creature into one of the most affectionate and loving animals I've ever known. It is thought that he was born in 2006. So he gave us 12 years of joy and pain. He will be sorely missed and loved forever.

United States Wolf Refuge Wishes to Get 3 - 40' Cargo Containers

Fireproof Sanctuary in the Event of A Forest Fire

In 2017 a forest fire caused us to evacuate all the animals for 2 days. This was very traumatic for both the animals and all our volunteers. It caused a great deal of stress and fear. We do not want to experience that ever again.

cargo containers

We want to have on-site a fire-proof sanctuary for them to retreat to. Three 40' cargo containers will provide 960 sq. ft. of fire-proof space.

We want to have on-site a fire-proof sanctuary for them to retreat to. Three 40' cargo containers will provide 960 sq. ft. of fire-proof space. The cost of these cargo containers, the site preparation, the construction of pens and the other related expenses is approximately $10,000. Please consider contributing to this necessary addition to the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Each individual pen will be approximately 35 sq. ft. It will be cooled and ventilated using alternative energy systems. The floor will be padded and covered with soft material that can hosed-off making cleaning and disinfecting easy. This set-up can also be used as medical recovery facility. If this structure saves the life of just one animal it will worth every dollar it took to construct it.

U.S. Wolf Refuge
P.O. Box 2756
Sparks, NV 89432

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We have had a plan complete with drawings for such a fireproof building since 1999. It included individual pens for 20 animals. Plus it would have living quarters for up to 4 people and a extensive vet lab. When this plan was first designed its estimated cost was $50,000. That was 19 years ago. The project now has an estimated cost that exceeds $275, 000. This is well beyond our financial capability.

The winter of 2018 has been another year with little rain and snow. This makes the coming summer another year that is projected to have many fires. Naturally this scares us. So to prevent these magnificent creatures from experiencing another such fear-filled event, we are desperate to have it completed ASAP.

The Last Wild Wolves

sea wolves

Along the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada there is a type of wolf that is different from all others - it swims. This ability is because it has adapted to its environment. These wolves exist in a region that is made up of many islands along Canadian pacific coast. In order to find food they are forced to travel between these islands.

sea wolves

Smaller than typical grey wolves, these coastal sea wolves are integral to ecosystem function. The wolves “are smaller in size and physically different from their mainland counterparts.” They live with "two paws in the ocean and two paws on land" The ocean provides them with clams, salmon, herring roe and even seals and sea lions. They can swim up to 7½ miles. They are a distinct and separate from all other North American wolves. They are the only wolf known to actually swim.

sea wolves

These unique wolves have been subjected to too many government sponsored kill programs over the last one hundred years and were extirpated on most of Vancouver Island, California, Oregon and Washington in the early 20th century.

sea wolves

The British Columbia government is proposing to increase the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island in a misguided attempt to preserve deer populations. After hearing feedback from hundreds of both Canadians and Americans, there has been some progress in conserving them. Go to PacificWILD and share your thoughts.

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