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Court Lifts Injunction That Prevented Mexican Wolf Releases into New Mexico

On April 25, 2017, the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Tucson lifted an injunction that temporarily prevented the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) from releasing endangered Mexican gray wolves into New Mexico. The ruling means USFWS will again release endangered Mexican gray wolves into the NM recovery area between Interstate 40 and the U.S. – Mexico border.

Menican Wolf Release

Last year New Mexico's Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) sought an injunction in district court that prevented the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) from any further releases of Mexican wolves into NM. That injunction was sought as part of a broader claim by the state against the USFWS's wolf program. That injunction is what was reversed by this recent ruling.

New Mexico is claiming that the wolves are harmful to the state of New Mexico. The appeals court said in its decision that NMDGF failed to present sufficient evidence to support its claim that NM is likely to suffer irreparable harm from Mexican wolves.

The service counted at least 113 Mexican wolves in the recovery zone in Arizona and New Mexico in early 2017. That was up from 97 wolves in the wild the prior year. These wolves roughly range from 25 lbs to 45 lbs and it is extremely difficult for them to take down cattle.

In 2015, NMDGF denied USFWS the permits it requested to release wolves into New Mexico. USFWS claimed authority to pursue wolf recovery in New Mexico under the Endangered Species Act and placed two wolf pups in a den in the Gila National Forest in early 2016 without a state permit. NMDGF subsequently took USFWS to federal district court and won the preliminary injunction.

The recent appeals court decision essentially reverses that ruling and gives USFWS the legal right to go forth with the legally mandated wolf recovery program in New Mexico. The decision makes clear that USFWS has the authority to do what is needed to save the Mexican gray wolf and other endangered species from extinction.

New Mexico has claimed wolves prey on their cattle, and their return to NM has caused many losses. NM has not been able to substantiate that in court simply because it is not true. The NM ranchers are urging New Mexico to file another appeal. Unless some new evidence shows up that effort will be fruitless.

Reno Earth Day Celebration

United States Wolf Refuge

Earth Day here in Reno was a huge success. We were so excited to see many old friends. We also got meet many people who are very engaged in trying make this world a better place. This event showed the many ways that this can be done and how each of us can make a difference.

Kasa and Cheyanne had a wonderful time as well. They got to see many people they have known for years and they also got to meet many new ones. They were especially excited by all the kids that got to pet them.

Reno Earth Day 2017

We were able to converse with many people who did not know of the U.S. Wolf Refuge. We also managed to raise some revenue to help pay for the vast expenses of caring for these magnificent animals and providing them a wondrous place to live out their lives. There was also a vast number of people who wanted to volunteer and help us accomplish our mission.

This year's Earth Day was seemed bigger than ever was and look forward to next year's Earth Day. The event is so big it has outgrown its venue. The congestion is distracting from the purpose of the event. The refuse it produced and the limited collection locations were in direct opposition to the event's meaning.

Pack Member of the Month



Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) is one of the most remarkable animals to ever reside at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. She joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack in August of 2007. We received a call from Shasta Lake Animal Shelter saying that they had a 4 month-old wolf-Siberian husky puppy that needed immediate rescue. Athena came from what was described as a disgusting back-yard breeder. She was literally HOURS FROM BEING EUTHANIZED. A spot was available here at Refuge and the rescue was on.

Athena Running

At the time she was very sick and completely covered in demodectic mange. The treatment took months of daily care. A pen was built specially for her far from all the other wolves. All during her treatment we were expecting to find a number of other physical ailments. She recovered quickly and became the picture of health and happiness. Her coat today is as thick as I have ever known. It is remarkable that she had this horrid beginning and now has an extremely joyous and happy attitude.

I feel her tragic start in life was the reason that her and our Comanche grew so close. They both experienced horrific treatment early in life and now enjoy the good life here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. Comanche is much bigger than Athena. They used to play and wrestle together until they were both exhausted. But as years have passed their playfulness has subsided but their bond is still intense.


Now that she is almost 10 years old, her energy level is not what it used to be. She began to gain weight. Just over a year ago she weighed 91lbs. We found she had a thyroid condition that we have been treating ever since. She is now down to 69lbs. We are hoping we can get her weight down to around 50lbs. She has a very strict diet and takes daily medications.

Athena is going to always remain at the Refuge because she holds a very special place in my heart and because her temperament and behavior are invaluable. She is able to bring a feeling of serenity and security to any new animal that comes to the Refuge. She sets an atmosphere that reduces that anxiety that any new rescue normally has when they arrive.

Athena in the Snow\

If ever there is such thing as the perfect canine, the U.S. Wolf Refuge has been blessed to have had three of them. We got all three of them at a very early age. Pioneer – our first ambassador that we lost at 9 years old to bone cancer. Temerity – our second ambassador who lived a remarkable 16 years – and Athena who is as wonderful an animal as any.

Roscoe Boscoe Finds A New Home


Maureen Adams, my vet at ALL CREATURES ANIMAL HOSPITAL notified me about one of her client's "wolfdog" that needed a new forever home. So I immediately jumped into action. His previous owner was moving in with her boyfriend and said she couldn't take Roscoe with her. So this poor animal spent a week living in the garage of the house where she had lived but had moved out. He was alone except for the time she came back to feed him.


This very overweight (136lbs) but very loving animal was a joy to be with during the 8 days he spent here at the Refuge. We took him back to see our vet about his weight and mobility problems. His left ACL was found to be damaged but he also limped severely on his right rear. Though his previous owner told us diet consisted a great deal of people food, we had a thyroid test done anyway. That test had negative results. No major corrective action was planned until he was settled into his new home and that his weight was brought down to something reasonable. We all agreed that getting his weight down may correct the cause of his limping and it may even help heal his damaged ACL.

 Jason and Nicole
Jason and Nicole

Two days later after some online postings we were contacted by MoonSong Malamute Rescue. They referred us to Nicole & Jason Zaborsky of South Lake Tahoe who drove up to the Refuge to meet Roscoe. After some calls to a few Tahoe area friends and using a collaborative evaluation process all U.S. Refuge staff were more than confident that this placement was the "right one."

Roscoe was an 8-year old neutered male. We were able to see all his medical records and even conducted some tests that had not been done previously. His weight issue and his limping were of serious concern. It was found that his left rear ACL was a problem, but he also on occasion favored his right rear leg. These problems were to be addressed once his weight was bought down to a reasonable level.

It is always very gratifying to improve the lives of animals that have had to endure the ways of some humans. This is especially true for those that display such happiness despite neglect. All of us here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge are thankful that Maureen Adams DVM contacted us about this situation and that we were able to give Roscoe a new and better life. Many thanks to MoonSong Malamute Rescue for their help in making that happen.

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