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U.S. Wolf Refuge
Special Monthly Program

The U.S. Wolf Refuge Presents Catori

For only $20 (Normally $30) you can "Adopt" Catori DURING THE ENTIRE MONTH OF July.

What a fantastic gift for one of your children or grandchildren to introduce them to the world of wolves & wolf-dogs.

Thank you for helping with my care and feeding Catori. Click to learn more.

Pack Member of the Month


Hopi Indian word for 'Spirit'


Catori was found running loose near Stockton, CA. She was seen regularly near a ranch in the area. She remained near this ranch because the gracious rancher was leaving her food and water. Several weeks of unsuccessful attempts to capture her led to them setting of humane cage trap. She was finally caught and turned over to the Stockton Animal Shelter. Without the this rancher's compassion she probably would not have survived.


This all happened back in 2012. We guessed that she was about 1½-years old at the time. It is unknown what led to Catori running loose. Most wolves do not like being confined and are quite adept at escaping. We assumed that this is how she found herself in this scary situation.

Wolves are very social animals. They gain security and confidence from those they live with and from predictable routine. Poor Catori didn't have either of these. She was alone and whatever life she had previously was gone. She was extremely traumatized.

Wolf Stock 2017 Poster
Catori and Koeke

Cindy Ott-Bales of Throw Me A Bone Dog Rescue (throw me a bone dog saw her at the Stockton shelter and immediately contacted us at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. The shelter graciously spayed her and after recovering from the surgery we traveled to the shelter to pick her up.

None of the shelter workers were able to deal with her. Everyone was amazed when I was able to walk right into her pen and put a collar and leash on her. After spending a little quiet time with her she let me put her into a carrier. I then drove to Chris Mikulice's home (a U.S. Wolf Refuge volunteer/photographer) which is only about an hour from the shelter. The reason for this was to assess Catori's reaction to riding in a vehicle. She did great. I then embarked on the 4 hour trip back to the Refuge in Nevada. During the trip her anxiety began to subside and at times she actually laid down.

Dave & Dawnie Kennedy with Catori
Dave & Dawnie Kennedy with Catori

When we first got to the Refuge she was still somewhat skittish and anxious especially with other people. I was amazed at the comfort and security she displayed when she was close to me. In the 5 years that he has been with me that relationship has grown even stronger. For several years she was quite evasive to everybody else. Many of our volunteers would spend a lot of effort trying to get close to her. In the recent years she has made significant progress. Her willingness to approach people she doesn't know has improved. Getting her to let you pet her has been a personal challenge for many.

Catori is one of those animals that I have connected with in a way that is more than special. She is now quite comfortable in her place within the 'house-gang.' Her devotion to me is most joyous and to see her become more comfortable with others is very special. Her comfort and playing with her canine companions shows how happy she is now with her life at the Refuge.

Carori and Koeke
Carori and Koeke

To celebrate Catori, our Adopt-a-Wolf Packet is on special the entire month ofJuly. Your $20.00 donation will be for a one year sponsorship of Catori. You or the person of your choice will be sent a "Certificate of Adoption" with their name on it, a brief profile sheet of that animal, and a frameable 5 x 7 photo nicely organized in a folder.

Help us care for Catori and all the wolves at the U.S. Wolf Refuge by making this $20.00 donation today.

Artists Needed

We are looking to have magnificent images depicted on some various surfaces here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. There are 2 sides of wood buildings and 4 wood fences on which we would like to have wolf and Native American images.

the 4 wood fences
the 4 wood fences

You are welcome to visit the Refuge to see the surfaces we have for these projects. There is strong spiritual connection between Native Americans and the wolf, and we would like to have that theme displayed for all that visit us.

If you are interested please submit the basic sketches of your ideas. These images will be your protected property and you will be able to market them as you wish.

To schedule a visit to see where these images will be, email me to get the directions and schedule a day and time. Submit your sketches to and put the word 'sketches' in the subject line.

The McKittrick Policy is Dead

Court Throws Out Feds' Misguided Policy Limiting Prosecution of Killers of Endangered Wildlife

A federal judge threw out the Department of Justice's flawed 'McKittrick Policy' This policy allowed those who killed an endangered species to claim they mistook their target as a non-endangered species. Often hunters who deliberately shot endangered Mexican wolves would claim they thought they were coyotes, preventing them from being prosecuted.

A coyote weighs about 30 ponds, is about 36" nose-to-tail and makes yipping sounds.
A coyote weighs about 30 ponds, is about 36" nose-to-tail and makes yipping sounds.

A wolf weighs about 100 pounds, is about 60" nose-to-tail and howls.
A wolf weighs about 100 pounds, is about 60" nose-to-tail and howls.

There are 4 basic rules for firearm safety:

  1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Shopping Reminder

Birthdays - Anniversaries - Any Special Occasion

I want to remind you that the U.S. Wolf Refuge receives a portion from all your purchases on Amazon. So when you doing any shopping from Amazon click on the Amazon icon at the bottom of any page. This will take you directly to Amazon but will enable us to receive a portion of whatever you buy. This will not impact the price or any delivery costs.

Wolf Stock 2017 Poster

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