The First Verified Wolf in Nevada since 1922

A wolf from the Shasta Pack in Northern California was spotted near Fox Mountain in northwestern Nevada in early November, 2016. Nevada Department of Wildlife personnel investigated the sighting after being alerted to a video recording of the apparent wolf.

Shasta Pack Member
Shasta Pack Member

Scat from the animal was found and sent the University of Idaho's Laboratory for Ecological, Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics. They confirmed the droppings were from a male offspring of the Shasta Pack.

It is thought that this is a lone animal since there's no evidence that there are others trying to established territories in Nevada.

The Shasta Pack from California has seven known members, two adults and five offspring. None of the wolves in this pack have radio collars and they have not been located recently. This single young, male is likely searching for a mate.

Irresponsible Ranching Strikes Again

The Real Truth About the Profanity Pack Slaughter

Mexican Gray Wolf
Dr. Robert Wielgus
Director Large Carnivore Conservation Lab and author of referenced study

There was a huge emotional uprising when the public learned of the slaughter of the famous Profanity Pack by the state of Washington. The reason they said was because the pack had exceeded the number of predations set by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Damage Prevention Agreement. That is not the whole story!

Livestock had been released near the immediate vicinity of the Profanity pack's den and rendezvous site. Salt blocks were located within 220 yards of the den. Both of these actions violate the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Damage Prevention Agreement. Several days after livestock were released in the area, wolves began depredating the livestock.

Eleven different livestock herds were studied over 2 years. This study showed that less than 1% of all the estimated livestock losses were due to wolf depredations. That is typical of most locations where wolves exist. Out of 764 radio-tracked livestock none were killed by wolves. So the few predations happened to none-radio- tracked livestock.

Out of the 15 packs in Washington 9 of them had no livestock kills. The Profanity Peak pack was responsible for the majority of the predations that did happen. That's not surprising since the majority of the livestock were located so close to their den and rendezvous site.

This indicates to me that wolf management in Washington is biased toward ranching. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Damage Prevention Agreement is a plan that was created before wolves arrived in Washington. All wolf effected parties were in involved in its creation. Among many things this agreement sets such things as predation levels, wolf location actions, livestock placement requirements and management policies and procedures. It is quite extensive and scientifically balanced.

The situation here is simply that one violation of the Agreement caused a subsequent violation. That subsequent violation would not have occurred if the initial violation had not happened. The is basic law that is held in any court. Our nation needs to get back to respecting and adhering to all our laws and regulations.

Pack Member of the Month



Shadow joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack in September of 2008. Shadow's owners in California made the heart breaking decision to place him in our care. This was because of the impending loss of their home. Shadow was more bonded and comfortable with other animals but is now becoming more interactive with humans. The shy, evasive nature of this boy is typical of a wolf, but those light blue eyes are of that of a husky. Shadow is a mid-high content wolf-dog. He is now quite comfortable with his pack members Nala and Niko. These three goofballs enjoy their 2-acre enclosure together. They spend their days leisurely wandering among the trees and rocks stopping to nap in the shade whenever they choose.

Shadow and Bill Chamberlain
Shadow and Bill Chamberlain at the Refuge

Shadow recently had some major ear surgery which required a special veterinarian surgeon. He is now deaf in that ear but after his recovery has blossomed into a much happier animal. We transported him to our volunteer's home in Sebastapol, CA where the procedure took place. Mahalo to you Dawnie. Shadow is a new animal since being with you. He is much more vocal, social and interactive. I feel he is happier now than any other time in his life. Shadow is now 11 years old and shows no sign of slowing down.

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