Defenders of Wildlife Now Supports the Killing of Wolves

A note from Bill Chamberlain, Founder & Director of The United States Wolf Refuge

In an essay by David Kirby entitled Why Some Conservationists Approve the Killing of a Wolf Pack he states Washington State is set to eliminate an entire group of endangered gray wolves linked to livestock deaths. Defenders of Wildlife along with other so called conservation groups now endorse this.

How can groups like Defenders of Wildlife and other groups like Conservation Northwest claim to defend some animals and then allow the killing of others? How can killing be considered an essential element of conservation?

I have known Jamie Rappaport Clark (director of Defenders of Wildlife) since 1995 when she was a director of USFWS. Even in this position she was a political pawn to the special interests and showed no real passion for the agency's mission. When she became the president of Defenders of Wildlife she continued the deplorable behavior.

If you now donate to Defenders of Wildlife please stop. Ms. Clark's annual salary is well over $300,000. The annual budget of Defenders is over $32 million. Over 90% of the emails I receive from Defenders ask for money. This is appalling.

Here's the link to the entire article on "takepart"- share your feelings about this !!!!

The Brown Family's Annual Pilgrimage To The U.S. Wolf Refuge

On Wednesday August 17 Madison, Nancy and Surya Brown arrived at the Refuge after their trip from Redwood City, CA. Every year this remarkable family come and volunteer their time and energy to complete many of the tasks around the Refuge. This year was most remarkable. They worked hard in the hot sun for 3 entire days. In that time they were able to cut, install and bury (using shovels) over 300 feet of under penning fence for the our new 3-acre enclosure. This new enclosure is intended to give the needed room and freedom for Lokahi, Nahini and Lobo.

Nahini, Lobo, and Lokahi

The worked performed by Madison and Surya was grueling and very physical. What they accomplished was truly amazing. Nancy (their mom) thoroughly cleaned the volunteer/guest trailer and prepared some wonderful meals. In their time at the Refuge we made sure there was plenty of time for them to enjoy all the wolves. I'm unsure about who enjoyed their visit more - the girls or the wolves.


This is their 6th year they have visited the Refuge and each of those years they have accomplished more things than virtually all other volunteers. They are truly amazing.

Brown Family
Brown Family

WolfStock 2016

The 2nd Annual WolfStock event orchestrated by Britt Straw on July 31st was held at the Potentialist Workshop in downtown Reno. The venue was an interesting mix of an active working artist's studio in one area of the building and another area where original pieces of art were on display with our event products mixed in.

Wolf Stock 2016

There was a small theatre in the rear of the building where a few of Britt's friends performed music, dance and a puppet show to entertain the public. Brittany was able to gather a wonderful array of raffle prizes, which combined with the sales from the U.S. Wolf Refuge "Gift Shop" items by volunteers, raised a substantial amount of money for our refuge.

Wolf Stock 2016

Are You a Veterinarian?

All Creatures Great & Small

All Creatures Vet Hospital here in Reno, NV urgently needs a licensed vet to help in meeting the overwhelming demands of their expanded practice. A recent departure by Dr. Cruz for personal reasons has left the hospital with a heavy workload for the remaining staff.

This clinic is an enjoyable work environment that works on all animals - not just traditional pets. It is a fun, light, cohesive place to work that is equipped with virtually all the lab equipment necessary to make fast, thorough diagnosis and treatments.

Contact them at:

Maureen Adams DVM
All Creatures Vet Hospital
7111 South Virginia Street. #A-6
Reno, NV

The Siren Society and FreeEnergyForcePhotos

To Create A Unique Calendar Using Our Beautiful Wolves

Siren Society

The Siren Society ( with Nicole Rene ( contacted the U.S. Wolf Refuge to create a 2017 calendar featuring some beautiful and unique images. This calendar will include some of our beautiful wolves harmonized with their beautiful models in unique settings. The Siren Society is a conglomerate of passionate performers specializing in a wide array of unique talents and skill sets. They have perfected the craft of blending aerial artistry, contortion, all forms of dance, fire and flow arts, high fashion, and charisma. Nicole Rene is a highly talented photographer that has a unique vision of the world around her that she uses to create the most stunning photographs. These calendars will be available soon and we will keep you informed on how to get yours. A portion of the revenue raised by the sale of these calendars will be donated to the U. S. Wolf Refuge.

Pack Member of the Month



Kasa (now 9 years old) joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on March 21, 2009. She came to us from Amador County Animal Control after her family lost their home to foreclosure. She was approximately 2 years old at that time and had been raised with Children and other dogs in the family.

In most California cities any dog that is even suspected of being a wolf mix is not eligible for re-homing out of a shelter. The only way of saving them is for an authorized rescue organization to pull them or the animal is automatically euthanized. When her owners surrendered her they classified her as a Wolf-Dog so her fate was somewhat sealed. Shellie Robertson from the United States Wolf Refuge was fortunate to have received a call from the animal shelter and was able to "rescue" her before she was euthanized. She immediately picked her up and continued on to the refuge in Nevada.

Kasa (Hopi Indian for "dressed in furs") has proven herself to be a priceless addition to the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack. Because of her wonderful friendly disposition and the fact that she was raised with children and other animals, she became an Ambassador Animal and began going to public events after a very short time. She is a permanent resident of the refuge and will not be offered for adoption.

Former Ambassador "ARIES" and Kasa's soul mate.... we miss him dearly!

Until his death, Kasa and our former Ambassador "Aries" were a bonded pair that not only attended public events together but shared a three acre mountain enclosure at the refuge where they had the freedom to run and play among the trees and rocks. So far, although she is close to Comanche, she has not shared that "bond" with another male. We think that she and Aries were soul mates.

Upcoming Events

Oct 8, 2016 - Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center
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