Happy Thanksgiving

From everyone at the U.S. Wolf Refuge, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Pack Member of the Month



Our sweet Nala is a low-content wolf-dog with her mix being predominantly Siberian husky. She is quite healthy and is very energetic. She is somewhat selective about what humans she interacts with but is generally fairly social. Nala is now almost 8 years old and has grown into a remarkable leader of those she shares her 2-acre enclosure with. She lives with Shadow and Niko who are rather mellow and passive. They both know that Nala makes all the decisions. Nala at times can be soft, sweet and loving but has as strong attitude about how things should be. She has no reservations about telling our Catori or Keoke who live in the enclosure next to her how things should be.


During the entire month of November you can adopt Nala for only $20 (normally $30). What a fantastic gift for anyone who loves wolves and it helps the U.S. Wolf Refuge continue providing these magnificent animals the care they deserve. Your $20.00 donation will be a one year sponsorship of the Nala. You or the person of your choice will be sent a "Certificate of Adoption" with their name on it, a brief profile sheet of that animal, and a frameable 5 x 7 photo nicely organized in a folder.


Letter from Our Director

The Voice of Science Must Be Heard

We Must Get Science Into Politics and Politics Out of Science

Protecting endangered species requires the scientific community becoming much more politically involved

by Bill Chamberlain

As much as we would like to think that the decisions on how our natural resources (air, water, forests, wildlife, etc) are managed are being made using science, the reality is that they are made by politicians who have little or no knowledge about the subject. It is imperative that more scientists get actively involved in the political process. Scientists in huge numbers must call, email and write to political leaders. Showing up for seemingly endless political meetings is a larger but necessary next step. If we're not in the room, our voices won't be heard. Volunteering for and supporting wildlife groups (like the U.S. Wolf Refuge) directly involved in conservation is a bigger but very effective commitment. Actually running for elected office brings one directly into the decision making process and is essential to expediting change.

More and/or better data will not save wolves or any other species. We must acknowledge that it does not necessarily lead to better decisions. It is thought by many biologists that knowing more about the locations and populations of endangered species is essential to bringing about political change necessary to saving them. This is nonsense.

Scientific facts rarely drive political decision-making. In most cases, they are used to advance the agendas of the opposing special interests. But we must not blind ourselves to the fact that the basic scientific aspects of conservation will help policy-makers find the determination to stop illegal poaching and habitat destruction.

Ansel Adams Quote

No amount of data can overcome the negative impressions we have of some species and the positive ones we have of others. Decisions about which ones to save and which ones to let go extinct are based largely on emotion and a myriad of political interests. As conflict rages around the west and greed continues to be prioritized over conservation, wildlife will continue to decline.

The scientists who studied ozone depletion and climate change have shown that getting directly involved in the political process gave them a louder voice that actually affected political change. Every conservation advocate must get involved in the political process to advance wildlife and habitat conservation for future generations.

Our Nikita Has Some Minor Surgery

Nikita recovery

For many years our handsome Nikita had a small pimple on the lid of his left eye. In just several days it tripled in size. So we took him to our vet to have it looked at and treated. The assessment was that it was a simple, benign growth that needed to be removed surgically. The procedure went well. Here he is resting at home recovering from the anesthesia.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Bends to Public Pressure About the Killing of the Profanity Peak Pack

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has suspended its killing of the remaining members of the Profanity Peak wolf pack. The department will continue to monitor the remaining adult wolf and the three remaining juveniles. Since Aug. 5, state wildlife field officers have shot and killed seven members of the pack. Another wolf and a pup are presumed to have died of natural causes.

The Profanity Peak pack is one of 19 wolf packs documented in Washington earlier this year. The department's action against the Profanity Peak pack was consistent with both the state's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan and new protocol for the lethal removal of wolves developed this year by WDFW in conjunction with a 18-member advisory group composed of environmentalists, livestock producers and hunters.

Profanity Peak Pack

As happened in Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico a plan is formed by similar advisory groups that arbitrarily picks population and predation numbers out of the sky (not science based). When these numbers are reached the slaughter begins. This type of management must stop. We need to use science in managing all of our natural resources. Hopefully this will soon become the way we manage our wildlife.

This is Humungous

America's Wildlife Is Now Much Safer

A recent court ruling finds that Wildlife Services Must conduct environmental assessments prior to conducting any of its slaughtering programs.

After over a century of slaughtering America's wildlife, Wildlife Services (WS) - the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) secretive, rogue, cruel wildlife-killing agency - must now comply with regulations they have deliberately ignored for decades. Our government has turned a blind eye to this and has allowed them to get away with it for years. Their deliberate evasion of these regulations enabled them to kill millions of wild animals with no just cause using highly illegal methods. This governmental agency operated in the dark blocking reporters, and even U.S. lawmakers from examining their activities. They even refused to allow the public access to any of their activities or records.

I want to personally extend to WildEarth Guardians along with Center for Biological Diversity, Project Coyote, Predator Defense, Western Watersheds Project, Friends of the Clearwater, Cascadia Wildlands, Advocates for the West and Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) my most sincere thanks for their relentless pursuit in bringing forth this action. It truly was a David & Goliath scenario.

Group photo
Trish Swain, TrailSafe Nevada
Brooks Fahy, Exposed Producer
Don Molde, Nevada Wildlife Alliance
Bill Chamberlain, U.S. Wolf Refuge

This picture was taken at the public showing of this epic video at the Nevada Museum of Art here in Reno, NV

To get a much better idea of this agency's disregard of the law and decency, watch this video:


The video is posted at: www.predatordefense.org/exposed/ and on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSV8pRLkdKI

The Painful Loss of Our Senior Boy


Our 14 year old, classy old man Lobo finally went over the Rainbow Bridge. It was heartbreaking to watch him go through his final years . We saw him go from occasionally jogging in his 2 acre enclosure to hardly moving for extended periods. It was a very hard decision but we knew it was best. His quality of life had vanished. He is now with his Great Spirit and will live in joy and peace. He will be missed but will always be with us in all our hearts.

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