Volunteer Day at the Refuge

by New Volunteer Jordan Lubek

Stanford PowWow

May 14, 2016

I have never been to the U.S. wolf refuge before today and boy am I glad I went. I first met volunteer coordinator Britt Straw at Wolf Stock 2015. I was a lucky winner of a few items from the fundraiser raffle. I continued to see Britt at different events and at Earth Day 2016. I even purchased a wolf hair necklace for my girlfriend from a local boutique. I then decided, as a UNR alumni, I have to know more about the wolves, which was when I decided to volunteer. Britt said that they would be meeting soon to take a group out to the refuge in the coming weeks.

As we approached the refuge by car it felt like we were entering a foreign landscape. I have traveled all over this area but didn't even realize what a beautiful area this is until now. The rolling hills and canyons seemed to go on forever covered with different plant life than is found in the surrounding urban areas. As we approached the site, howling and frantic barking displayed that the pack was excited to see us.

We were 12 strong for the day: a father and his two sons, a young couple, a visiting photographer and wolf enthusiast, Britt and Josh, Bill, Shellie, her friend Donna and myself. Bill started off by letting us know he wanted a new set of stairs to provide better access down one of the slopes to the enclosures. Previously care takers would have to enter an enclosure for 4 wolves to access the enclosures at a lower elevation. The new stairs would allow access to the lower elevation without having to cross through an active enclosure.

A small group of us began work clearing the area for the stairs and cutting wood for each step. Another group helped to unload and move cinder blocks from a trailer to the location of a new enclosure. The rest took to the enclosures and provided the wolves with food and water and worked on sanitation.

At the end of the day we built a new set of stairs and all the wolves seemed happy with all the extra love and attention.

"We haven't accomplished that much in probably two years", Bill commented.

I was glad I was able to help and eager to return. I was able to take a few close up photos with the wolves which was so rewarding. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn about the wolves and see them first hand on their home turf. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves nature and animals! Bring your children, bring your significant other, bring your parents ... lend and hand and enjoy the beauty!

-Jordan Lubek

Help for "Shadow"

Shadow (top) and Hina

Our SHADOW has been "camping-out" at Nurse-Dawnie's house for about 5 weeks where he could receive multiple doses of meds each day for what we thought was a badly infected ear. When the ear infection failed to respond to treatments further investigation was required. Shadow was anesthetized last week so that Dr. Sue Buxton could probe deeper into his ear. Unfortunately what she found was a hard mass. On Wednesday, June 1st, SHADOW is undergoing surgery by Dr. Buxton and a protege who specializes in this field to biopsy the mass and hopefully remove it.

If you would like to help us off-set some of these surgery costs, please donate to "Temerity's 4-Footed Angels" Emergency Medical Fund. Donations of any amount would be GREATLY appreciated.

Wolf Stock 2016

U.S. Wolf Refuge 2nd Annual Fundraiser

Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Straw is once again organizing this year's 2nd ANNUAL WOLF STOCK fundraising event. Last year's event was a huge success and we are all looking forward to hosting this year's event at THE POTENIALIST WORKSHOP on JULY 31st.

This year's WOLF STOCK will be an ALL AGES, FREE fundraising event that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. There will be live entertainment, fun activities for the kiddos, as well as raffles and awesome silent auction items. Where else will you find good food, entertainment and have the opportunity to walk off with a prize? As if this isn't enough, you will also have the opportunity for an up close and personal "Meet & Greet" with some of our Ambassador WOLVES!

To satisfy your ferocious WOLF-LIKE appetite and culinary needs, we have FAMOUS DAVE'S BBQ from Reno attending. They are graciously donating 10% of their proceeds to the U.S. Wolf Refuge!

We will be setting up our FUNDRAISING GIFT SHOP at the event so that anyone wishing to show their support will have the opportunity to purchase U.S. Wolf Refuge t-shirts, hats, pictures, cards, etc.

Please join the festivities for a HOWL'N good time on SUNDAY, JULY 31st from NOON to 9:00 p.m. at THE POTENTIALIST WORKSHOP 836 East 2nd Street, Reno NV.

100% of the proceeds go to the welfare of the 17 wolves and wolf-dogs at the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Pack Member of the Month



3-1/2 year old Niko joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on January 8, 2014 from Chico Animal Control in Chico CA. At just 13 months old he was turned into the shelter by his previous owner (a young female student) who did not have the time, nor the knowledge, to properly care for him. He spent most of his time alone and with little to no human interaction he was very destructive.

Niko is available for adoption to the right new owner. He will demand constant attention by his "pack" and a release for his extremely high energy. As he matures his "sweetness" is showing itself and he is calming down a bit.

2016 Stanford Powwow

Donna Carlton
Donna Carlton at the Powwow

Although this year's Stanford Powwow was not as successful as it has been in previous years, a good time was had by all. The weather just did not cooperate and it poured most of Friday during the set-up time as well as most of the Opening Ceremonies at the event. I believe that Friday's weather definitely affected participation on Saturday as well, which slowed down the traffic in our Fundraising Gift Shop, which supports our Emergency Medical Fund "Temerity's 4-Footed Angels." The majority of the people attending came on Sunday and it was very busy at that time. We had our faithful volunteers helping rain or shine and we appreciate them so much!

Alley was a permanent fixture in the gift shop and did a wonderful job. Brittany, Josh, Donna, Colette, Dawnie, Kelly and Liam, Dave, Arlene, Deron and Robin, Kai, Kevin, Brian...we couldn't have done it without you! If I forgot anyone please forgive me. Our new friend Beth Barton attended on Sunday to sign her photos of "Hina's Blood Moon" which we appreciate very much!

View a slideshow of the Powwow.

Upcoming Events

June 13th - Petfolio Art Paws Pre-Tasting Event

3480 Lakeside Drive, Reno, NV
4:30 -7pm

July 17th - 2016 ART PAWS,

McKinley Arts & Cultural
925 Riverside Dr. Reno, NV 89503
10:00 - 5pm

July 31st - "WOLF STOCK 2016"

fundraiser for the U.S. Wolf Refuge
836 East 2nd Street, Reno NV
Noon - 9pm

Oct 8, 2016 - Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens St. S.F., CA
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