Shadow and his stay with the Kennedy Pack

by Dawnie Kennedy
U.S. Wolf Refuge Volunteer & Staff Person


On April 21st, U.S. Wolf Refuge pack member Shadow came to stay with us due to a severe ear infection he had. He was brought to us because he is so shy and does not let many people get close to him so getting his ear washed and treated twice a day was a challenge. He had warmed up to my niece, Kelly-girl, on visits up to refuge so we offered to take care of him until his ear issue could be resolved.

Shadow and Kelly
Shadow and Kelly

Dr. Sue Buxton of Companion Animal Mobile Vet had been checking in on Shadow and after examinations and tests, it was determined that he needed to have surgery to remove a hard mass in his ear canal that was close to his eardrum, with an infection behind it, that could not heal as the mass was blocking it. Dr Sue called on Dr. Clare Gregory, a specialist in the U.S. to do the surgery. I knew Dr. Gregory as he had re-built both back legs (a few years apart) of one of my wolf-dogs, Hoku, a few years back. We were lucky to have him available to us thru Dr. Sue.

On June 1st, Shadow had his surgery in Dr. Sue's mobile clinic. Dr. Gregory determined, after starting the operation, that the best course would be to completely remove Shadow's ear canal. Doing this eliminated any chance of another tumor growing back and having to deal with the problem again and a shorter and less painful recovery. The downside, he is now deaf in his right ear.

Shadow with watchful Liam as he comes out of anesthesia after surgery

Shadow came thru the surgery like a champ. He is healed, his hair is growing back and he is happy to be pain free. He has adjusted to hearing out of one ear. He is returning to the refuge tomorrow (June 27th) and will be running around his large enclosure with Nala and Niko once again.

I am so happy that we were able to assist in Shadow's care and will miss his beautiful howl every night. He has been accepted by our pack here and they will miss him as well.

Shadow goes home
Shadow goes home

The US Wolf Refuge relies solely on donations and fund raising to care for the wolves and wolf-dogs in their facility... please consider donating to Temerity's Fund at the U.S.Wolf Refuge, to help with medical expenses when they arise. Temerity's 4-Footed Angels Fund goes directly to medical expenses for the care of our animals and was our resource for paying for Shadow's life saving surgery.


A hui hou (Till we meet again)Shadow! Dawnie, Dave, Kelly-girl, Liam, Ma and the pack

LOKAHI Comes Home from the Hospital

Lokahi & Britt Straw (USWR Volunteer Coordinator)

Our young super-star Lokahi has finally made it back to the refuge after his very lengthy stay at our Reno vet's facility. If you remember, a few months ago he critically injured himself attempting to climb out of his enclosure.

Lokahi is a very high content Wolf-Dog with the high anxiety and a never ending yearning to escape and explore, that accompanies his wolf content. Keeping him contained for his own safety proved to be an overwhelming feet and he got himself hung up on fencing which sliced open one of his rear legs. After several surgeries to close the wound and an a lengthy stay at our local vet to watch for infections and to monitor the healing of his wound, he is finally back home.

Are You a Veterinarian?

All Creatures Great & Small

All Creatures Vet Hospital here in Reno, NV urgently needs a licensed vet to help in meeting the overwhelming demands of their expanded practice. A recent departure by Dr. Cruz for personal reasons has left the hospital with a heavy workload for the remaining staff.

This clinic is an enjoyable work environment that works on all animals - not just traditional pets. It is a fun, light, cohesive place to work that is equipped with virtually all the lab equipment necessary to make fast, thorough diagnosis and treatments.

Contact them at:

Maureen Adams DVM
All Creatures Vet Hospital
7111 South Virginia Street. #A-6
Reno, NV

Wolf Stock 2016

U.S. Wolf Refuge 2nd Annual Fundraiser

Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Straw is once again organizing this year's 2nd ANNUAL WOLF STOCK fundraising event. Last year's event was a huge success and we are all looking forward to hosting this year's event at THE POTENIALIST WORKSHOP on JULY 31st.

This year's WOLF STOCK will be an ALL AGES, FREE fundraising event that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. There will be live entertainment, fun activities for the kiddos, as well as raffles and awesome silent auction items. Where else will you find good food, entertainment and have the opportunity to walk off with a prize? As if this isn't enough, you will also have the opportunity for an up close and personal "Meet & Greet" with some of our Ambassador WOLVES!

To satisfy your ferocious WOLF-LIKE appetite and culinary needs, we have FAMOUS DAVE'S BBQ from Reno attending. They are graciously donating 10% of their proceeds to the U.S. Wolf Refuge!

We will be setting up our FUNDRAISING GIFT SHOP at the event so that anyone wishing to show their support will have the opportunity to purchase U.S. Wolf Refuge t-shirts, hats, pictures, cards, etc.

Please join the festivities for a HOWL'N good time on SUNDAY, JULY 31st from NOON to 9:00 p.m. at THE POTENTIALIST WORKSHOP 836 East 2nd Street, Reno NV.

100% of the proceeds go to the welfare of the 17 wolves and wolf-dogs at the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Pack Member of the Month



6 year old Catori joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on March 9, 2012 via the Stockton California Animal Shelter. One of our volunteers, Cindy Ott-Bales, was at the shelter March 1, 2012 rescuing dogs for another animal rescue that she also works with and was immediately shown this girl since the shelter volunteer knew that Cindy also volunteers for us. Phone calls and pictures were exchanged and we committed to picking up Catori the following Friday March 9th, the day after the shelter graciously spayed her for us.

The shelter told us that this girl had been abandoned near a ranch in the Stockton area and lucky for her the people who owned that ranch made sure that she had plenty of food and water to be shared with their own dog. She constantly stayed at a distance but remained close by because of dog and his food. Many attempts were made to get close to her but she was scared and would just run off. After many weeks they finally resorted to setting out a large HUMANE animal trap. She was finally captured and turned over to the shelter. It was more than obvious that this is a wolf/wolf-dog so although we don't know the circumstances of her ending up in this situation, it is unfortunately fairly common for uneducated people to turn their animals out like this with the thoughts that they will revert back to being a wild wolf….SO VERY UNTRUE! Without these wonderful peoples' compassion and relentless attempts to catch her, she would have likely starved to death. At the time of her rescue she was about 20 lbs. underweight.

Bill Chamberlain personally drove from Nevada to pick her up and then spent the remainder of the weekend at (very lucky) Staff/Volunteer Christine Mikulice's home nearby where they spent the entire weekend getting to know this wonderful animal. Chris did her research and suggested that she receive her new name of "CATORI" which is Hopi Indian for "Spirit". Quite fitting as this girl has a wonderful Spirit! To this day, although great strides have been made by Bill and some of the staff to gain Catori's trust, she remains very shy and is extremely timid when you first meet her. We list her as a "permanent resident" but would consider allowing her to be adopted under the perfect circumstances with the perfect adopter.

Upcoming Events

July 17th - 2016 ART PAWS,

McKinley Arts & Cultural
925 Riverside Dr. Reno, NV 89503
10:00 - 5pm

July 31st - "WOLF STOCK 2016"

fundraiser for the U.S. Wolf Refuge
836 East 2nd Street, Reno NV
Noon - 9pm

Oct 8, 2016 - Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens St. S.F., CA
10 - 6pm

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