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2015 What a Wild & Wonderful Year
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2015 brought us many wonderful accomplishments but our work is far from done. Successes around the world include ivory imports into the U.S. have been banned - coyote killing contests in California were banned (NV refused to even consider it) - African and Asian lions are now on the U.S. list of endangered species - the Mexican wolf population reaches an all-time high - the ESA weakening riders that were in the recent major U.S. budget bill were knocked down and removed. These were accomplished because of the unified efforts of groups like the Center For Biological Diversity, WildEarth Gaurdians and the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge our sweet (and portly, almost 9 year old) Athena has managed to lose 13 pounds - our magnificent Comanche is approaching his 10th birthday and has become as mobile, active and loving as he has ever been - our skittish Catori is becoming much more confident and receptive to interacting with strangers - we completed another 1½ acre enclosure and have made significant progress in constructing our biggest enclosure ever. Our bulldozer still doesn't steer properly despite the money spent on its repair but, as difficult as it is without properly working equipment, we're diligently trying to work with what we have to secure these large enclosures that our pack members enjoy so much.

Catori, U.S.Wolf Refuge Pack MemberCatori, U.S.Wolf Refuge Pack Member

& Keoke running and playingC& Keoke running and playing

In our 31 year history we have been the caretaker for over 600 of these magnificent animals. They have ranged from absolute sweethearts to ones with serious behavioral issues. The 19 that reside here now are all simply wonderful and the harmony and the amount of exuberant play has never been greater. We have had a record number of visitors this year that have had to opportunity to enjoy up close and personal visits with many of them.

& Keoke running and playingPack Members Nikita & Comache

Keoke loving the snow! Keoke loving the snow!

Our budget has remained about the same for the past several years despite the horrific economic conditions. With the continued support from all of you and an increase in the number of volunteers who are willing to exert the strength and physical effort to accomplish the many tasks needed to maintain this beautiful facility 2016 will be our best year yet. With all these accomplishments 2016 is expected to be even better. We definitely need you to continue signing any and all petitions dealing with wildlife conservation and ecological preservation.

Pack Member "Nikita" with his full winter coat Pack Member "Nikita" with his full winter coat

Pack Member "Yazhi" Pack Member "Yazhi"

Even though 2015 is behind us your chance to make a tax-deductible contribution still remains. Your support of the U.S. Wolf Refuge is not only the "financial fuel" that enables us to accomplish our mission, but it is also the the "inspirational fuel" that motivates us to continue despite the numerous obstacles that we encounter.

Thanks you for all your support - Happy New Year
Bill Chamberlain, Founder & Director

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Pack Member of the Month



Yazhi, Navajo meaning Little One, joined the United States Wolf Refuge pack on May 24, 2012 (when she was about 8 months old) via Carson City Animal Control. The shelter contacted us the first part of May asking if there was any way that we could help them by taking this young female wolf-dog off their hands and thankfully we were able to accommodate them.

After observing Yazhi for about 6 weeks we came to the conclusion that this little fifty pound girl is a NOT a wolf-dog at all. We do not have any idea why anyone at the shelter listed her as a wolf-dog (maybe she howled once like many dogs do?). We are very confident she is nothing more than a Husky Mix, and a WONDERFUL HUSKY MIX at that! She is very confident and friendly to all of our other pack members. She is vocal joining in with the other pack members when they howl.

Yazhi resides with the "House Pack" which a fenced enclosure attached to the U.S. Wolf Refuge residence of Bill Chamberlain and consists of Catori, Athena and a few of the others that are socially in need of a little more human interaction for a variety of reasons. Yazhi loves a little more attention than some of the others. She is a sweetheart that has been passed over a few times for adoption because she has what appears to be an unsolvable mystery nasal condition that sometimes makes her sneeze or kind of snort like a little piggy ... somewhat endearing after you get know her well. Yazhi would make a wonderful addition to any family that is Northern Breed savvy.

Upcoming Events

Stanford Powwow - May 6, 7 & 8, 2016 Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.

Other speaking engagements and events local to the Reno NV area are being planned and will be presented to our readers when they are scheduled.

The U.S. Wolf Refuge Staff wishes everyone a very
Happy New Year from Our Pack to Yours!

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