Happy Thanksgiving

From everyone at the U.S. Wolf Refuge, we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season.

Volunteer of the Year

Britt Straw - Volunteer

Brittany Straw is one of the most remarkable and valuable members of the U.S. Wolf Refuge. Since joining the team 2 years ago her energy and enthusiasm has taken this organization to new heights. She is marvelous with all the animals as well as the many diverse personalities the Refuge has to deal with. Brittany's boy-friend Josh Myers has been instrumental in getting many of the more physical tasks completed. Her friends and connections have enabled us to accomplish things that were never thought possible. She brings a new level of creativity with many fresh ideas.

Britt Straw with Wolves

This is certainly not intended to belittle any of our long time volunteers and their contribution to making the U.S. Wolf Refuge what it is today. Through the years people like Lorna Corkery, Dawnie, Dave, Kelly, & Kai Kennedy, Chris Mickulice, Paul Van Dort and Shelly Robertson have contributed immeasurably. Like in the wolf pack unity and teamwork make any group strong and productive. I am most thankful for all their hard work and dedication.

Live Pawsitively

2016 Year In Review

This was a year with many exciting moments of progress in improving the lives of all the delightful critters that live here. It was also a year of tragedy and loss that causes us to reflect and focus on the lives of not only the animals that live here but all wildlife wherever they live. Such adversity inspires us to put forth even greater efforts to make every moment of their lives as joyous as possible.

2016 was a year like no other. We had our usual yearly events - PetFolio Art Paws at McKinley Art & Culture Center - Reno Pet Show at the Reno Sparks Convention Center - Stanford Pow Wow on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA - Reno Earth Day at Idlewild Park - Paws in the Park at Rancho San Rafael Park - but we also got an exciting trip to Lake Hemet where our beautiful Kasa & Cheyanne were included in the shooting of Nahko's - Medicine of the People latest video. We had a wonderful day of fun and work at our Volunteer Day, an event where more people showed up to work than we had projects for. But our most exciting events were the Siren Society's U.S. Wolf Refuge Calendar party at The Saint musical venue and WolfStock 2016 at the Potentialist Workshop (see articles about these events included in this newsletter)

Here's looking forward to 2017 with even more exciting events and progress in protecting all of our natural resources and constantly improving the lives of the wolves we get to share our lives with.

WolfStock 2016

Poentialist Workshop banner

The 2nd Annual WolfStock event orchestrated by Britt Straw on July 31st was held at the Potentialist Workshop in downtown Reno. This event had something for everyone. It brought together many wolf advocates interested in learning about the U.S. Wolf Refuge and many creative artists who's shared their work and talents.

WolfStock 2016

The overall objective of this event is to raise funds for the U.S. Wolf Refuge. The sale of the many wolf related items offered by the U.S. Wolf Refuge online gift shop as well as the beautiful donated art pieces made this event quite a success. Another added benefit is that it brought together many of our friends and supporters to leisurely enjoy each other's company.

The venue was an interesting mix of an artist's working studio in one area with another where original art pieces were on display alongside our donated items. There was a small theater in the rear of the building where a few of Britt's friends performed music, dance and a puppet show to entertain the public.

Items for sale at wolfstock 2016

This was the 2nd year for this event. It turned out to be even better than first. We look forward to next year's event being even bigger and better. If you have any items you would like to donate to WolfStock 2017 contact Brittany Straw.

Siren Society Calendar Party

This event was the culmination of hard work by a wide variety of people over the past 6 months. Lina Marie Herrada of the Siren Society and Nicole Ren'e of FreeEnergyForcce Photography blended their talents to produce this beautiful calendar. The U.S. Wolf Refuge was first contacted about doing the photography for this calendar with some magnificent models. Their outfits and poses were captured beautifully. It is available at http://thesirensociety.squarespace.com/2017-calendar/ The proceeds from this beautiful publication will go to providing the wolves at the U.S. Wolf Refuge a higher quality of life and meeting their nutritional and veterinarian needs.

WolfStock 2016

Letter From The Director


In 2017 Get Involved

2016 has been a remarkable year for the U.S. Wolf Refuge. We have accomplished more than ever before. Many volunteers worked their tails off in often inclement weather to get these things done. The various events we had were planned, scheduled and facilitated by volunteers who gave a great deal of their time, energy and resources.

It has been a tumultuous time for wolves in the wild here in the U.S. The actions of many of our government agencies have shown a complete dereliction of their mission and the power of those forces opposed to conserving all our natural resources (wildlife and its natural habitat as well as air, water, crops, forests, etc) have grown even stronger due to this nation's political struggle. Many of the decisions and policies are being set by those politicians who have little or no knowledge of the science related to the subject being considered.

There are 3 things that are absolute necessities to the survival of life on this planet - air, water, and food. There is a plethora of policies that are being made that deliberately undermine them. When these are combined with the exploding population survival of all life on this planet is seriously jeopardized. The science is clear.

In 2017 please become as active as you can in letting your local, state and national representatives hear from you. Let them know of your displeasure in the method they use in their policy and decision making.

Pack Member of the Month



Lokahi is high content, neutered, male wolf-dog with many wolf-like characteristics. He is under 3 years old and has already developed an extremely high level of anxiety. He is quite selective with who he chooses to get close to. He is another tragic story. He was purchased online sight-unseen from a Florida breeder by a family with young children. This breeder extremely misrepresented what Lokahi was. The family that purchased him were told many things about him that were total fabrications. His anxiety recently caused him to injure himself in a totally unexpected way.


He has totally recovered from this and is back to being himself again. Since living here at the Refuge he has chosen a few of our volunteers that he likes and enjoys their company. We are building a huge and extremely secure enclosure for him to live in. This has been an extremely labor-intensive and costly project. But the life he has endured so far has earned him this enclosure to enjoy and be happy in for the rest of his life. It will be a joyous day when all of us at the U.S. Wolf Refuge get to see him run free in his new world and gets to investigate the many new sights, smells and sounds he will encounter.

During the entire month of November you can adopt Lokahi for only $20 (normally $30). What a fantastic gift for anyone who loves wolves and it helps the U.S. Wolf Refuge continue providing these magnificent animals the care they deserve.

Your $20.00 donation will be a one year sponsorship of the Lokahi. You or the person of your choice will be sent a "Certificate of Adoption" with their name on it, a brief profile sheet of that animal, and a frameable 5 x 7 photo nicely organized in a folder.

Holiday Shopping Reminder

Christmas - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Any Special Occasion

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