Our Sweet Shasta

Shasta & Takoda
Shasta & Takoda

The afternoon of March 10th in the East San Francisco Bay Area was a very cold, wet, dreary day, the perfect day to match our moods. Today our dear friend and fellow U.S. Wolf Refuge Staff person Christine Mikulice helped her beloved Shasta find her way across the rainbow bridge prior to her succumbing to the cancer that was now throughout her entire body.

Who was Shasta? Shasta was a sassy husky-mix that hated to ride in cars but would be the first one in the back of the car when she knew she was "going to see the wolves". She would close her eyes and bare it the whole way from home to the refuge in Nevada. Shasta was also a wonderful companion to Chris's other dog Simon and the two cats now living in the house and additionally to the two cats that formerly lived with her in that house that have passed on. I'd like to think she has been reunited with them now and is curled up with them affectionately cleaning their faces as she used to do.

Shasta, Takoda, and Simon
Shasta, Takoda, and Simon

Who was Shasta? Shasta was ALWAYS happy to see you, whether you were a person or a furry animal - especially if you knew where her cookie jar was in the kitchen. She spent some time patiently listening to children reading to her as a therapy dog at a local library. Shasta loved to run, especially with the wolf-dogs at our refuge, and believe me ... at her age of 12 she could keep up with (and sometimes pass up) the best of them. Shasta was the perfect dog and loving companion to Chris.

Simon, Shasta and the Pack
Simon, Shasta and the Pack

Shasta's name will be placed prominently on the "Friends of Our Wolves" monument simply because she WAS Shasta ... she was loved and was a huge part of the refuge for the many years that Chris brought her there.

Safe journey sweetheart - there are a lot of people and other critters in our world who are going to miss your sweet face and I'm sure there are MANY waiting to reunite with you again on the other side!

"Auntie" Shellie



As a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization the U.S. Wolf Refuge always needs your help and support. This month we are asking for help to offset veterinary costs for LOKAHI.

Lokahi is a 2 year old high content wolf dog that has resided with us for a little over a year. He is extremely high strung and people shy, which is normal behavior, however his worst trait is that he is a "jumper" - he constantly jumps and climbs the chain link fencing on his enclosure. He recently injured himself and is currently having an extended stay at our veterinarian's facility where the sutures and bandages on his leg can be monitored and changed at least three times a day.

If you would like to help with Lokahi's veterinary costs, please make a donation to "Temerity's 4-footed Angels" Emergency Medical Fund.

U.S. Wolf Refuge Returns To The Reno Pet Show

Reno Pet Show
Barb Robinson - Kasa - Randy Greene - Britt Straw - Cheyanne - Bill Chamberlain - Erin Stisser

After several years of not attending the Reno Pet Show due to declining vendor and patron attendance, we decided to give it another try.

During the past year we have been making a concerted effort to increase not only our local recognition but also our national recognition which prompted us to attend this year's event. We found the number of pet related vendors to again be less than expected but we were delighted to find an unexpected number of people who said they came strictly to see the U.S. Wolf Refuge and our ambassador wolves.

We met many new friends who expressed an interest in assisting and supporting us as well as media people who expressed a willingness to help spread our message and several cinematographers who wanted to help produce videos that not only exposed the myriad of wolf related issues but also promote fund-raising which is a constant and daunting task.

The event brought together volunteers who have been with us for a while and others who have only recently gotten involved. And as always, Kasa and Cheyanne were a big hit with everyone. Cheyanne who is young and new to being an ambassador enjoyed the attention and all the petting.

Pack Member of the Month



SHADOW joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on September 26, 2008 at 3:00 in the morning. An "emergency" transport, Shadow's owners in Newark California made the heart breaking decision to place Shadow in our care due to the impending loss of their home. Shadow is more bonded and comfortable with other animals than he is with people. The shy, evasive nature of this boy is as typical of the wolf, as those light blue eyes are of the Husky/Wolf Mix. Because of Shadow's temperament he is a permanent resident at our refuge and he is not available for adoption.

Shadow is a high content Wolf-Dog, meaning he is more wolf than dog. He is now 10 years old and is bonded with pack member Nala. Until recently Shadow and Nala happily shared their beautiful three acre mountain enclosure with senior pack member Cherokee, that crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month. They spend their days leisurely wandering among the trees and rocks stopping to nap in the shade whenever they choose.

Our Own Little Movie Stars!

(Medicine for the People) MUSIC VIDEO
With Performances by HIRIE
by Bill Chamberlain

It was a blustery day at Lake Hemet near Idyllwild, CA. The sun would only make its presence as the clouds rolled by which caused drastic temperature swings. The 11-hour trip to get there from the Refuge proved to be enjoyable for our ambassadors Kasa and Cheyanne. The reason for this adventure was because they were invited to be included in a new music video being produced by the famous Nahko (Medicine for the People) with beautiful performances by Hirie. His latest video has over 6 million hits on Youtube.

The film crew

We were the first to arrive. Next to arrive was the professional video company that was contracted to shoot this video. I was intrigued by the state-of-the-art equipment they brought to this remote outdoor setting. Shortly afterwards Hirie and her wardrobe and make-up team arrived.

Music to soothe

Then the star arrived. I was awed to meet this highly nature-oriented musician. During breaks when the video team were getting their equipment calibrated for the constantly changing temperatures Nahko and I wandered together or sometimes just sat having some deep, most enjoyable conversations. We learned about each other and our mutual efforts to make the world a better place by spreading the word far and wide about our earth and what we are doing to it. I found him a fascinating and quite intelligent individual as well as a talented musician.


Having the our Kasa and Cheyanne included in his effort to do this was truly an honor. We all had a limited idea how our 4-legged stars would do during the video shoot. With some anxiety we allowed them off lead to run and roam as they pleased. During one scene Nahko was walking to the music with both Kasa and Cheyanne simply walking with him. It was awesome. Nahko immediately hit it off with our furry actors

Cheyanne and Kasa in a field

Nahko has a ranch in Hawaii where he lives the wondrous Hawaiian culture. I truly wished that our volunteer Dawnie Kennedy who also lives the Hawaiian culture could have been there with us. They would have both truly enjoyed meeting each other. The release date for this video is yet to be determined but I will definitely announce it as soon as I know.


I want to truly thank our volunteer Brittany Straw who is directly responsible for connecting us with them to make this happen. She traveled with me to this event and her company made the trip seem shorter. I want to truly thank all who were involved in this project.

Upcoming Events

April 24th - EARTH DAY, Reno NV.

Idlewild Park Reno
NV Sunday April 24th, 2016 Sun 11-6pm

Stanford Powwow - May 6, 7 & 8, 2016 Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.

Jun 2016 - Paws In The Park

San Rafael Park Reno, NV 10-4pm
(exact date pending)

Petfolio Art Paws Events

Ben's Fine Wine & Spirits Pre-Tasting Event - Jun 13, 2016 3480 Lakeside Drive, Reno, NV 4:30 -7pm

July 17th - 2016 ART PAWS,

McKinley Arts & Cultural Center, Reno NV.

July 31st - "WOLF STOCK 2016"

fundraiser for the U.S. Wolf Refuge
(Location to be announced)

Oct 2016 - Wildlife Conservation Network Expo

Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens St. S.F., CA
10-5pm (exact date pending)
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