A Sad Farewell to Our Alpha Female

Shiloh and Bill Chamberlain

Shiloh passes onto a new state of life

Our sweet Shiloh has now Crossed the Bridge and begins a new life only in hearts. Her recent spinal condition deteriorated to the point where she either suffered the pain of it or of the effects  of the medications to relieve it. Her difficulty in walking resulted in an injury to one of her toes. We then took her for visit to Maureen Adams of All Creatures Veterinarian Hospital. While there we discussed letting her go. After several heavy and heart-felt discussions with USWR staff that knew her well it was decided best to let her go.


She was 11 years old and had lived here at the Refuge for the last 7 years. She came to us from a tragic situation in southern Nevada back 2007. It took her a while to adjust to living here but she soon came to enjoy her new life and became a sweet and loving girl.

Her longtime penmate Cherokee is doing OK, but we are now in the process of rearranging some the animals to find one that is a suitable and acceptable replacement for her.

We will miss you terribly and will always remember the joy and pleasure of having you with us.

From the desk of Bill Chamberlain
U.S. Wolf Refuge Founder & Director:

Fighting for Wolves in Arizona

Wildlife Conservation Expo – Oct. 11, 2014

Wildlife Conservation Expo – Oct 11, 2014

Join us on October 11, 2014 for the Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco. What is it really like to spend a lifetime saving endangered wildlife? Hear from nineteen of the world’s leading wildlife conservationists. They spend their lives working in remote lands, surrounded by wild animals. Learn how they create innovative solutions and work closely with local people to create big impacts for wildlife. The Expo is your chance to join the conservationists’ world, even if only for a day.

This is our next big event. It’s October 11, 2014 at the Mission Bay Conference Center, 1675 Owens St, San Francisco, CA from 10am until 5pm. If you would like to attend and help us during the event please contact Bill Chamberlain so that we have an idea of how many people will be with us. It’s free if you are among our list of volunteers/helpers.

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Pack Member of the Month

Pack Member of the Month,  Loup

by: Dawnie Kennedy - U.S. Wolf Refuge Volunteer & "Mom" to Takoda, Hina & Hoku

   Loup (French for "Wolf") is a year and half old, came from a “high content” breeder in Florida and has been with a family that thought it would be “cool” to have a wolf dog. The information they received from the breeder was highly misleading and within 8 months they were looking to re-home him. They can no longer care for him as he is challenging and it is not safe for the children. He has also eaten 18 chickens and 2 turkeys that they know of. Loup was lucky to have the family that he had as they are adamant about making sure he stays safe and is not put down as most of these animals are because they do not make good “pets” and are not adoptable in many states as they illegal to own.

Many wolf-dog rescues, sanctuaries and people associated with trying to save these beautiful animals were involved with finding Loup a safe home. Unfortunately most, if not all, are up to capacity and can only take an animal when another crosses the rainbow bridge. These are the reasons that we are advocates against the breeding of wolves and wolf-dogs for sale or private ownership as pets.
Loup displays typical wolf behaviors and is now being evaluated to be introduced to the right pack members and will soon be moved into the appropriate enclosure.

If you would like to help LOUP care for his new pack, his Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of September.

United States Wolf Refuge

2014 Work Weekend

Saturday 09/06/14 thru Sunday 09/07/14

It's not to late to R.S.V.P.

Camp out under the stars and listen to our pack HOWL.  Help with some of the daily chores and special projects.  An RSVP is a MUST so that we can keep an accurate count to make arrangements. If you have never been to our facility advise that in your email and directions will be emailed back to you a few days prior to the event.

ITEMS TO BRING:  tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, cool clothing, warm sweatshirt or jacket, hiking boots, work gloves, hat, sun screen, WATER bottles or bottled water, breakfast and lunch foods in a cooler.  Dinner Saturday 9/6 will be hosted by the refuge

Upcoming Events

U.S. Wolf Refuge Annual Work Weekend & Camp Out
Reno, Nevada
Saturday 9/6/14 thru Sunday 9/7/14

October 11 WCN Expo
San Francisco CA.


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WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...