2014 End of Summer Work Week-End

Mixing Fun and Work

This year's “End of Summer Work Weekend” was full of fun, food and productivity. We all had a good time and got a lot done. Dave and Andrew managed to get our large metal front gate repaired. Dawnie, Kai, Lorna, Mike, Mary and Bill frantically worked to complete all the finishing touches on our newest enclosure. It is over an acre and is now the new home for our new pack member Nahini and her long-time pen-mate Lobo who has now joined her. This enclosure is full of trees and open space which allows it to be comfortable in all the seasons and different weather conditions. Shellie and Chris worked hard reorganizing the U.S. Wolf Refuge event trailer and make a few additions to our memorial plaque. Shellie also BBQ’d tri-tip and chicken to feed our hungry workers. Our meal was a combined effort with Lorna bringing two pasta salads and Dawnie bringing rice and a large salad of fresh greens from her garden.

Andrew & Bill
Andrew and Bill
Mike & Lorna
Mike & Lorna
Nala, Loop, and Dawnie
Nala, Loop, and Dawnie
Dave & Andrew
Dave & Andrew
Memorial Plaque
The Memorial Plaque
All of us
All of Us

The loss of our Shiloh left Cherokee alone in his 2 acre enclosure. So we moved Nala and Shadow in with him. This was a wonderful and emotional moment for all of us to witness. They all seem to truly enjoy being together and to be in this new big enclosure.

The weather was beautiful and we spent lots of fun time with all the animals. We even took the time to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the U.S. Wolf Refuge. All those who were there are all good friends of each other and of the U.S. Wolf Refuge. The time we get to spend with each other and with the wolves is very special for us all.

Lobo Reunites With Nahini

By Bill Chamberlain, U.S. Wolf Refuge Founder & Director

Lobo & Nahini
Lobo and Nahini

The U.S. Wolf Refuge is now the home of our newest pack member Lobo. We are told that this 11 year-old male is a pure wolf that came from a breeder in TX. Terri Dickerson (Sit Means Sit Dog Training - smscarsoncity@gmail.com) got Lobo as a puppy and he has lived with her his whole life. But an unfortunate event occurred in Terri's life preventing her from adequately caring for both Lobo and Nahini. Terri and I have known each other for many years and she knew that I would give these animals the best care possible.


Since Lobo's life is now so full of new smells, sights and acquaintances (human & canine) he is unsure of much of what is now all around him. His comfort and security comes from his partner Nahini (which means Silver Lake), another new animal to our facility, who is a pure Arctic Wolf. Lobo and Nahini now share an acre+ enclosure. We look forward to working with both of these animals so that they can enjoy their lives with us and all those around them.

Lobo's hips show indications of either severe hip dysplasia or arthritis. He is able to get around fairly well but when he has to get up from either a sitting or lying position he has extreme difficulty. When discussing Lobo with our wonderful vet - Maureen Adams All creatures Vet Hosp. - she has recommended we begin a regiment of anti-inflammatory medications and joint rejuvenators. It is our specific intention to make Lobo's final years as happy and as comfortable as possible.

("Temerity's Emergency Medical Fund" was created to insure that we can always pay for medical costs like these.)

"LOUP" Receives a New Name

It is usually customary for the U.S. Wolf Refuge staff to rename our rescue animals. In our eyes it’s a fresh start in their new life. Since our volunteer Dawnie Kennedy was the original person that was contacted about Loup, and she spent a lot of time getting to know him and trying to work with him to keep him with his family, we thought it fitting that she be given the honor of choosing his new name now that he is officially a U.S. Wolf Refuge pack member. This is what Dawnie had to say:

Aloha Everyone,

As is the custom of a new name for a new beginning, I have chosen to give the name Lokahi to Loup.

I’ve attached something I found online while looking up translations for “Lokahi”. It describes very clearly what my thoughts are in choosing this name for Loup.

I gave this a lot of thought since being given this task at work weekend. Being that Native Americans and Hawaiians have so much in common and WE have all Hanai’d (adopted) each other, I find it fitting that the USWR has it’s first Hawaiian named pack member. Also, Loup’s family (Aaron & Michelle) have very strong ties to Hawaii so there will always be a connection to the past as he moves thru his life.


Pack Member of the Month

Pack Member of the Month,  Shadow

Shadow is now 8 years old. He arrived at our refuge as an emergency transport on Sept. 27, 2008 at 3:00 in the morning. His owners in Newark California lost their home due to foreclosure and had no where to place Shadow.

Shadow exhibits very wolf like behaviors preferring the company of other animals to people, especially men. Although Shadow is very wolf like in appearance, his ice blue eyes are a sign that he is a wolf-husky mix.

I feel that it is very fitting to celebrate Shadows 6th year anniversary with us PLUS his release with Nala and Cherokee into their wonderful new 2+ acre mountain enclosure where they are now free to run and roam to their hearts content!

Shadows Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on sale the entire month of October to celebrate this wonderful animal as Pack Member of the Month.

Our Tractor Has DIED!!!

In next months newsletter we hope to tell you exactly what part we need (and the cost) to fix our big OLD tractor! We will be lost without it. Our tractor was donated many, many, many years ago and dealing with the somewhat regular break-downs has become a regular part of Bill Chamberlain’s life. But this time it needs more help than we can give it ourselves.

Without our tractor we cannot clear the mud and snow from the road to get in and out of the refuge. Without our tractor we cannot level areas that need leveling, move dirt that needs to be moved, but most importantly without our tractor we cannot clear brush away from our animal enclosures to keep a safe parameter in the case of a wild fire!

We are hoping that when the information is gathered, that someone will be able to help.

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