Wildlife Conservation Network

A note from the LEADER of OUR PACK:

The 2014 Wildlife Conservation Network Expo was another wonderful event. This is an event that includes some of the most renown wildlife conservationists in the world. The help from our good friends and active volunteers Andrew Brusseau and Kai Schade were invaluable. Besides learning a great deal about the peril of wildlife around the world, they got to mingle among the event's world famous wildlife conservationists. Their in-depth familiarity with U.S. Wolf Refuge made them admirable representative for us. Their assistance in setting-up our booth and tearing it down was highly appreciated.

I got to see many old friends and met some new ones. Most of the projects featured at this Expo are focused on conservation projects outside of the U.S. Wolf recovery is becoming much more recognized. This year there were 2 other wolf groups in attendance.

We anxiously look forward to the 2015 Wildlife Conservation Network. Our good friend Dr. Jane Goodall will attend that year. We always cherish every opportunity we get to see each other. We welcome all wildlife advocates and U.S. Wolf friends to join us next year. It is always held on a Saturday in October in San Francisco.

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Pack Member of the Month

Pack Member of the Month, Cherokee

After loosing his life-long companion Shiloh this past August, this has been a very difficult year for 11 year old Cherokee. After several weeks of mourning her loss he finally seems to be enjoying the constant companionship of Shadow and Nala in their huge new mountain enclosure. Shadow and Cherokee have very similar personalities ~ both preferring the companionship of other wolves to us humans. Much younger Nala keeps them both on their toes!

Cherokee has been a member of our pack since August 2007. He is now our oldest pack member and we hope to enjoy him for many more years.

To celebrate Cherokee's life with us his Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of November. If you'd like to help Cherokee care for his pack order early for a very special holiday gift for a loved one. If that special person happens to be a young child, please make a note on your order form for a surprise addition to your packet.

Our Tractor Has DIED!!!

This month we were hoping to be able to tell everyone exactly what part we need (and the cost) to fix our big OLD tractor! We will be lost without it....especially this winter. Our tractor was donated many, many, many years ago and dealing with the somewhat regular break-downs has become a regular part of Bill Chamberlain’s life. But this time it needs more help than we can give it ourselves.

Without our tractor we cannot clear the mud and snow from the road to get in and out of the refuge. Without our tractor we cannot level areas that need leveling, move dirt that needs to be moved, but most importantly without our tractor we cannot clear brush away from our animal enclosures to keep a safe parameter in the case of a wild fire!

If you would like to make a donation via our website or mail, please make a special note that your donation is specifically for the TRACTOR. Thanks!

How Wolves Change Rivers!

Many of you have sent in a link for this YouTube video. But for those of you who haven't seen it, I thought it might be a nice addition to this month's newsletter.

I hope you enjoy it and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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