The U.S. Wolf Refuge Celebrates 30 Years of Helping Wolves & Wolf-Dogs

US Wolf Refuge 30th Anniversary

Bill Chamberlain unknowingly started the U.S. Wolf Refuge with the rescue of his first wolf-dog “Heidi” in the summer of 1984 in the Chino Valley of Arizona.  We all know that with Heidi he discovered his destiny and how this organization has grown from there. 

From our first true Ambassador “Pioneer” to “Temerity” and then the others that followed, he has strived to help as many of these animals as he possibly could, many times beating the odds and breaking thru to an animal like Comanche that had zero trust in people, all the while educating as many people as possible about when they should or why they should not adopt a pure wolf or wolf-dog. It has never been an easy journey.

We hope to, at the least, get together with close friends and volunteers to celebrate this huge accomplishment and reminisce about all of the hundreds of animals he has known since the beginning of this venture to those that are with us today.

Congratulations Bill Chamberlain for a job well done!

Aloha “Popo”

Our Love Goes with Pomai


On August 3rd last year our friends and volunteers the Kennedy family met and fell deeply in love with a senior dog that NORSLED Rescue Organization brought to an animal event in California.  Their hearts immediately melted as they looked at this very sad little girl huddled in her crate.  Kelly immediately asked her aunt if there was any way that they could help her…they could not turn their backs and walk away without her.

Pomai (Hawaiian for Blessing from God) joined their family which also included at that time two wolf-dogs and a cat.  She was affectionately nick-named “Popo” by those closest to her.  Immediately upon her arrival they noticed a large lump on her stomach. She was rushed to the vet for a full check-up.  It was cancer.  

Pomai, like the trooper she was, endured more than one major surgery, but at a point very recently it was discovered that the cancer had spread to both of her lungs. This amazing girl would be down one day, up and running with the pack the next.  She was getting an incredible amount of love and had a more than strong will to live.

Our precious angel lost her battle on April 14th after she (in no uncertain terms) let her people know that SHE was ready by jumping in the back of the car, something she never did.  They believe that she held on until she knew they would all be OK without her.

Sweat Dreams Popo ~ your presence is felt and you will never be forgotten.

Please Help Us Help Them!

Temerity's 4-Footed Angels
Emergency Medical Fund

Our priority is always the health of our pack. Within the last week we have had two separate emergency medical situations with two of our animals that has left us with a very large veterinarian bill.  We are so fortunate that our wonderful vet Dr. Maureen Adams at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Reno never pressures us to immediately pay for our visits but the responsibility is still there. If you would like to make a donation (in any amount) to "Temerity's 4 Footed Angels Emergency Medical Fund" please go to our website, click on "Donations" and choose this fund.  All donations will be sent to our veterinarian’s office immediately. 

Thank You!

Cheyanne Follows in Takoda's Paw Prints Assuming His Ambassador Duties


U.S. Wolf Refuge pack member “Cheyanne” is stepping up after this years Stanford Powwow to assume Takoda’s Ambassador duties.  Cheyanne is now about 3 years old. She’s not only quite beautiful but is very social with other animals and people alike.  Bill Chamberlain believes she will be the perfect candidate to replace Takoda at public events. You can read about Cheyanne on our website on her “Our Resident Wolves” page.

The 3 Musketeers

As you all know, Takoda has been adopted and is now residing with Hina (formerly our Destiny) and his new families other wolf-dog Hoku.  Takoda isn’t the only lucky one…we’re all pretty lucky too because we’ll still be seeing a lot of this big guy.

Here’s the Three Musketeers on a road trip – (L)Takoda,  (Center) Hina,  (R)Hoku                      

PowWow Poster for 2014

PowWow Time!!!

The Stanford Powwow ~ May 9th thru May 11th

Mark your calendar – the website with directions is above. We’re more than ready! 
Almost all our stuff is packed up and ready to drive to our big three day event May 9th-10th-11th.  

Our Ambassador Wolf-Dogs are getting all spiffed up to put their best paws forward to greet the public and “WOW” everyone.  We’ll post pictures next month!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or want to take a road trip, we’d love to see you there!

Pack Member of the Month



Yahzi, Navajo meaning Little One, comes to the United States Wolf Refuge via Carson City Animal Control. The shelter contacted us the first part of June 2012 asking if there was any way that we could help them by taking this young female wolf-dog off their hands and we were more than happy to accommodate them. We have no idea why she was labeled a “Wolf-Dog” by them, but we all know that once that label is tagged on an animal they are destined to either go to a rescue or be euthanized.

Yahzi is about 3 years old now and we have come to the conclusion that this little girl is nothing more than a Husky mix. We do not feel that the second breed is wolf. She is available for adoption since she is very friendly to people and other dogs.

Unfortunately since Yahzi joined our pack she has suffered from a pretty much non-stop nasal issue. She has seen numerous veterinarians and has been treated many different ways but this condition still continues. We don’t think there is any way to change it.  It could just be allergies, it could be nose mites, it could be ???   She is in no pain, she just snorts once in awhile and sneezes.  If you are willing to overlook Yahzi’s minor issue in exchange for a WONDERFUL companion, please contact Bill Chamberlain at the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

To help us celebrate our pack member YAHZI her Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special for the entire month of May".


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WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...