A Note From Bill Chamberlain, The “Leader of Our Pack”

Mission Wolf and U.S. Wolf Refuge Join Forces

Stanford SymbolThis past Thanksgiving was a special time here at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. Hilary Hastings, Aaron Young, and Connor Schmitz all of whom are active residents and volunteers at Mission Wolf - a tremendous wolf sanctuary located near Colorado Springs, CO - spent 3 days here at Refuge observing wolf behavior. Hilary is a student at Univ. of CO at Boulder. She is working toward her master's degree and her thesis is about wolf-dog behavior. She recorded hours of video of the animals here at the Refuge just being themselves. This video is to be the supporting data for the conclusions and hypothesis drawn from her research.

Aaron and Connor are dedicated volunteers who live at Mission Wolf and who deal with the animals on a daily basis. Hilary will graduate in June and will then move to Mission Wolf. She has volunteered there during the summers for several years. When you live with these animals and get to watch them interact every day, you have experiences and gain insights that no one else gets to see and enjoy. All of us were able to exchange stories that we all could relate to.

Stanford SymbolThis summer I will be visiting Mission Wolf. From these exchange visits we will learn about the various ways to get things done and relate many events to each other. I have known Kent Weber (Mission Wolf's founder and director) for many years but we have never met. I truly look forward to my visit there and meeting all the people and animals.

Our dear friend Dr. Jane Goodall is a close friend and colleague Dr. Marc Bekoff who is a professor of Animal Ethology at the Univ. of CO at Boulder. He is recognized around the world as a leading authority in the field. He has written the forward/introduction to many of Dr. Goodall's books and she has written the forward/introduction to many of his. His latest book is the "The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior." Hillary was gracious enough to bring me signed copies of some of Dr. Bekoff's other books - "The Emotional Lives of Animals" and "The Animal Manifesto." I will combine my visit to Mission Wolf with the meeting of Dr. Bekoff. I have a myriad of questions to ask him. I will use many of his answers in my book - A Wolf's View of Man - "A Comparison of the Sociological Behavior of Wolves & Man."

Two Updates From Last Month's Newsletter

"Claire" Has Found a New Home &
Takoda Lost Another Pound!

Takoda and HokuWe received an update about Claire from her FORMER foster mom Dawnie and we couldn’t be happier!

Dawnie wrote: ”Claire has a new home with a tech at my vet’s office. She has an older brother to play with, a cat that she has no problem with and a horse. Her new name is Tala, which I was told means wolf in Native American. She has been spayed, chipped and got all her shots and will be starting obedience training in March with her new Mom, Tatjana. I got to see her about a week ago and she was so happy!”

Here is the picture of Tala (Claire on the Left) and her new family. Mom, Tatjana, and older brother, Kiba on the right.

Congratulations Tala from all you friends (furry & not) at the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

TAKODA also went to the vet last week for a follow-up WEIGH-IN. He was 99 lbs.... waffling on 98.9. He’s getting there slowly but surely!

Are You Ready For The PowWow

The Stanford Powwow ~ May 9th thru May 11th

War CloudIf you have never been to a Powwow I encourage anyone within driving distance to attend the largest Native American Gathering on the West Coast. The 2014 “43rd Annual Stanford Powwow” is being held this year on May 9th, 10th and 11th in the Eucalyptus Groves at Stanford University in Palo Alto CA.

We are currently looking for volunteers willing to come to the Stanford University Campus to volunteer for us at the Stanford Powwow. We always need a few strong bodies to help set-up our two canopies, the fenced animal enclosure, set up grid walls and folding tables in place, move bins of fundraising products and to help put together the displays in our fundraising booth. Experienced volunteers can interact with our Ambassador Wolf-Dogs KASA and TAKODA welcoming the public and answering any questions they may have. Others can help in our fundraising “Gift Shop”.

If you would like to give us a hand please Contact Bill a the US Wolf Refuge with your availability. There is a campground on-site where you are more than welcome to pitch a tent or park your RV to join us. http://powwow.stanford.edu

Pack Member of the Month


CatoriFour year old Catori joined our pack on March 9, 2012 via the Stockton Animal Shelter. She had been abandoned near a ranch in the Stockton area and was very fortunate that the people who lived on that ranch were animal lovers that made sure to leave more than enough food and water out for their own dog AND Catori while they attempted to catch her.

This poor animal was so people shy that it took more than a month to humanly trap her. If it had not been for these kind people never giving up and if she had been frightened off she likely would have starved to death.

CatoriSince Catori became a resident of our sanctuary she has constantly been in the company of other pack members and had the freedom of access to the inside of Bill Chamberlain’s home. Because of the patient, constant attempts by Bill, Catori is no longer that timid, frightened animal that avoided any and all physical contact with us humans. Although compared to some of our other animals she may still appear a little “shy”, she is now definitely a more confident wolf-dog that actually enjoys our company as well as meeting new people…something we honestly never thought we would see with her.

Chris Mikulice, U.S. Wolf Refuge Staff person, gave her the name of “CATORI” which is Hopi Indian for “Spirit”. Quite fitting as this girl has a wonderful Spirit!

To celebrate Catori’s second anniversary with the U.S. Wolf Refuge, her Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of March.

A Federal Reprieve for Wolves

If you are following the delisting attempts
you may be interested in reading this.

Posted on Feb. 8, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration backed away — for now — from its plan to lift federal protections for gray wolves throughout the continental United States after an independent report on Friday faulted the science behind the proposal.

The study by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis found that U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s proposal to delist the animal from the Endangered Species Act is “not well supported by the available science,” according to a statement from the University of California-Santa Barbara, which houses the center.

Click here to read the entire post titled "A Federal Reprieve for Wolves"

Harbor Freight and BillReno Harbor Freight Tools Rescues US


Harbor Freight Logo

The United States Wolf Refuge facility is totally off-grid and we are very proud of that. What this means is that when winter comes and there is no sun Bill has to utilize generators to keep some things running. He recently lost the use of our Back-Up Generator….bad, bad news!

Our friends at Harbor Freight Tools in Reno have graciously donated a brand new back-up generator to the refuge.

A Big Wolfie thank-you howl goes out to Harbor Freight Tools at 3800 Kietzke Lane, Ste 150 in Reno

You All Rock !!!

A Huge Thank You to Our Recent Contributors

Harbor Freight Tools, Reno NV.
Nancy Thomas, Hillsborough NJ.
Desiree Gardella, Tekonsha MI.
Camille Goulding, Mesa AZ.


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