The Stanford Powwow ... WOW!!!

As they say ~ PICTURES ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! Thank you so much to all of the dedicated, hard working, U.S. Wolf Refuge Volunteers:  Lorna, Mike, Dawnie, Dave, Arlene, Deron, Robin, Kelly, Kai, Andrew, Kathy, Nancy, Surya, Colette, Helen and Cassandra… you ALL rocked our world!  What a joy it was to spend the entire weekend with you all.

Enjoy these pictures of our volunteers, wolf-dogs (who by the way were allowed to invade a very nice hotel near the university for two nights) and a few of the Powwow participants.


Depending on your Internet speed, it may take a couple moments for the large image to appear.

U.S. Wolf Refuge staff, Bill, Shellie & Chris,
our Ambassador Wolf-Dog Kasa with special guest STARS
wolfies Takoda, Hina & Hoku

Wolf OR-7 May Have Found a Mate

Wolf OR-7

One thing we always tell our E-Newsletter readers is that our newsletter is only about what happens at our refuge in Nevada, but when there are special news updates, we love to make sure that you all know the latest.

Anyone that has been following our wolf friend “Journey” (better known as Wolf OR7) that has been moving between Oregon and California for quite some time now will be ELATED at the news that Oregon Fish and Wildlife is pretty sure that he has finally found a mate in the Oregon  Cascade Mountain range between Southern Oregon and Northern California. They have photos of him (above) in the same area with a black female wolf, who by the way looks pretty “plump.”

Click on the link above for the entire VERY exciting update about these two wolves and the possibility that they may have already denned and may be rearing young!  This wonderful news speculates that he may be forming his own pack which also means that Southern Oregon and Northern California may soon be the permanent homes of WILD WOLVES! There are already established wolf packs in the North Eastern part of Oregon.

Pack Member of the Month


Niko NIko - waiting for food to appear

NIKO is a 2-1/2 year old neutered male “medium content” Wolf-Dog that joined our pack about a year ago.  He is very wolf-like in behavior and very gender oriented toward human females.  He came to us from a female owner and prefers female humans over males…SMART boy!

Niko is very strong, healthy and has an energy level off the charts which will make him very hard to place within another adoptive family.  Hopefully he will mellow as he ages.  He loves to play and gets along very well with Cheyanne and Arrow.

To help us celebrate Niko and his place within our pack, his Adopt-a-Wolf Packet will be on special for the entire month of June. 

Join us for our 2014 Summer Work-Weekend

The exact date will be announced in the July Newsletter

Work Weekend crew - September 2012

The U.S. Wolf Refuge will be picking a weekend this coming September for our “2014 Work Weekend & Annual Camp-out.”  The exact dates chosen will be announced in the July newsletter.

Bring your camping gear, gloves, sun-block and all the energy you can muster up for a weekend of helping complete projects for our pack and some well deserved “wolf-love” as a big thank you from our pack members.

More particulars will be announced in the next newsletter but the Refuge always hosts a big BBQ Saturday evening and weather (& wind) permitting we’ll gather around a campfire to visit and HOWL along with our pack!  We’ll make a point of celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the U.S. Wolf Refuge!

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WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...