Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014

Arch Park, Gardiner, MT - June 28-29
Arch Park Entrance to Yellowstone National Park


This event is an opportunity for the American people to unite and demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage.

Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 is about taking an important step towards stopping the wolf slaughter that is currently taking place across the United States.

The United States Wolf Refuge founder and director, Bill Chamberlain, has been asked to speak at this event. In next months newsletter we will feature a detailed account of what went on at this extremely important gathering. Visit www.speakforwolves.org/program to see what it was all about!

Oregon Wolf OR7 and his mate have PUPS!!!

Oregon Wolf OR7 and his mate have PUPS!!!

On June 4th Oregon Fish and Wildlife confirmed that OR7 and his mate have produced at least two offspring. Since wolves usually have an average of 4-6 pups each year they are confident that the two that were seen peaking out of their den have siblings nearby. There is no doubt that this new wolf pack will be traveling all over Southern Oregon AND Northern California!

To read all of the information on the Oregon Fish and Wildlife website and the full article about OR7 and his new lady, click on this link: http://www.dfw.state.or.us/Wolves/OR-7.asp

United States Wolf Refuge

2014 Work Weekend

Saturday 09/06/14 thru Sunday 09/07/14

This year’s Work Weekend & Camp-Out will be held on Saturday 9/6 and Sunday 9/7. Those of you that would like to arrive on Friday afternoon please let us know in advance so that we are prepared to accommodate you then.  There will be a list of items that need to be worked on that vary to meet just about everyone’s skills and limitations. Anything from cleaning pens, filling in holes that the wolves have dug within their compound, to repairing fencing that they destroy or helping complete the latest new 3 acre enclosure.  Help cook dinner or pass out water…there’s always something that needs to be finished!

It is usually very warm during the day in September and then cools down considerably at night so “layering” is suggested. Everyone will be expected to bring their own tents and sleeping bags, breakfast and lunch foods, water containers and coolers.  Water…LOTS of water!!!  Hats, sunscreen, gloves, hiking boots, tank tops and sweatshirts are highly recommended. The terrain is rocky, rough and dirty.

The refuge staff is looking forward to hosting a BBQ Dinner on Saturday evening. Weather permitting (which means little to zero wind) we will plan on having a fire to sit around to roast marshmallows and howl with our pack.   

14th Annual Art Paws Event

Art Paws 2014 Poster

Join the U.S. Wolf Refuge staff and volunteers on SUNDAY 07/20/14 at the McKinley Art & Cultural Center in Reno Nevada for this years Annual Art Paws event.  This wonderful event is hosted every July by Petfolio Magazine in support of local animal rescue groups of all kinds.  The attendees are asked to vote for their favorite charity and the proceeds from this very large event are divided among the top three winners.  We have been fortunate to be in the winners circle for several years BUT WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

If you are an ANIMAL LOVER, this event is for you!  Bring your pets and family for a full day of fun!  

For more information visit http://petfoliomagazine.com

Amazon Shoppers

Just a reminder…

Helping our pack is SOOO easy!  When you are going to do some shopping on Amazon please log onto the USWR website and CLICK THE Amazon LINK on our HOME PAGE.  It’s as easy as that!  You don’t need to do anything else except shop as usual.  The U.S. Wolf Refuge will then be credited a small percentage of what you have spent by Amazon. This small percentage multiplied by hundreds (or thousands) of people every year means a lot to our pack. 

Remembering this one little step earned over $600.00 from Amazon last year for our Pack.  So far this year we are seeing just a very small portion of this amount so PLEASEshop Amazon but FIRST log onto www.USWolfRefuge.org and CLICK THAT AMAZON LINK!

Pack Member of the Month



The pack member for the month of July is CHEYANNE.  You will be seeing a lot of this beautiful 3 year old little lady since she is Bill Chamberlains choice to step up as our next Ambassador animal. 

Although we will still be seeing Takoda quite often (even though he is living in his new home), there may be times when Takoda won’t be able to attend an event along side of Kasa, so Bill is currently working with Cheyanne to start attending a few public events here and there closer to home.

Cheyanne has been with us a little more than a year. She came to us from Wasco California Animal Control where she had been running loose for quite some time.  When she first came to our facility Bill said that the fact that she had been running loose was no surprise since “her ability to warm your heart is only exceeded by her ability to climb fences!” The humane but secure confinement at our refuge has been proven impenetrable to the “greatest of escape artists” but she did it with ease!  Luckily as soon as Cheyanne met her new canine friends she settled happily into her new life and stopped trying to get out.

To celebrate Cheyanne, her Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of July. You can help Cheyanne help her pack by purchasing this wonderful gift.

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