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Shiloh10-year old Shiloh joined our pack, along with her two brothers, in 2007. Her brother Apache was quickly adopted but she and her remaining brother Cherokee still reside at the refuge.

ShilohShiloh and Cherokee are a bonded pair. Unfortunately as outgoing and friendly as Shiloh is, her brother is the total opposite. He is extremely people shy and a definite Omega. Because they cannot be separated they will most likely live the remainder of their lives at our sanctuary.

Shiloh is definitely an Alpha female. She does not get along with any of the other females at our refuge. There are also several Alpha males that she dislikes just as much as the females. One of those males is our Comanche. Shiloh has taken a couple of opportunities over the years to show him just how much she dislikes him, leaving him bandaged and scared. This is just typical wolf behavior and looking at the big picture you have to admire her.

To help us celebrate our Alpha female Shiloh, her Adopt-a-Wolf Packet will be available the entire month of January 2014 for a reduced price.

Looking Back at 2013

Another year has ended and we are once again looking forward, hopeful that our pack members remain happy and healthy. We are thankful for all of you who continue to support us in any way that you can, emotionally and financially, so that we can continue our work and continue caring for the U.S. Wolf Refuge Pack.

happyJanuary 2013

Doug Smith Speaks at UNR
"Comfort" Joins Our Pack

February 2013

Jane Goodall's Grandson Merlin Visits the U.S. Wolf Refuge Again

March 2013


April 2013

Update on our little Destiny/Hina

happyMay 2013

42nd Annual Stanford Powwow
In the Spotlight "Takoda"

June 2013

WE DID IT! 2013 Stanford Powwow
Pack Member of the Month "Nala"

July 2013

MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD! The fight to save wild wolves ...

August 2013

PetFolio Magazines 2013 Art Paws Event
In the Spotlight - Wild Horses at the Refuge Pack Member of the Month – Catori

happySeptember 2013

In the Spotlight - Comanche Visits the Dentist
Hina (formerly Destiny) Is a Celebrity at “For the Love of Animals PetFest”

October 2013

The Attempt to Remove Wolves from the Endangered Species List
Pack Member of the Month – Nikita

November 2013

Bringing Together the World's Most Renown Wildlife Conservationists
Pack Member of the Month – Comanche New Items in Our Fundraising Gift Shop

happyDecember 2013

In the Spotlight - The Wolf in America is Fighting for its Life Our Newest
Pack Member “Gianni” Pack Member of the Month “Kasa”

Upcoming Events

We’re still curled up staying warm in about a foot of snow.
So far our next event will be the Stanford Powwow in May 2014.

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WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...