Yellowstone National Park

Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014

Bill Chamberlain at Yellowstone National Park

Words cannot express the feeling that came over me when it was my turn to speak at this momentous event. It was at 11:55am on Sunday June 29, 2014. The sun was shining and the entire park was full of many friends that I had met in Washington, DC last year and many new friends I had met the previous two days here at Yellowstone. I was standing right in front of the famous Arch Park where the first wolves were brought into Yellowstone back in 1995. I was simply awe struck. ...

Read about Bill's visit to Yellowstone National Park.

Say Hello to "LOUP"

Oregon Wolf OR7 and his mate have PUPS!!!

Loup (French for Wolf) has joined our pack from Northern California on July 28, 2014.  He’s a very young high content wolf-dog that is displaying extreme wolf behaviors and has yet to find his place in our world. Loup comes to us via one of our dedicated volunteers who tried to assist Loup’s family with some of these behaviors, especially with their children, but the task has proven to be just too risky for the family.  It was decided by all that Loup needed to go to an environment that was safer for all involved, including him. This reinforces the U.S. Wolf Refuge Educational Program which stresses that owning one of these animals can many times be a challenge (even dangerous) and anyone thinking about bringing one of these animals into their home needs to thoroughly educate themselves first. We are against the breeding of Wolf-Dogs and strongly support spay/neuter in all cases. This poor animal is the result of this breeding and is the one that has been displaced.

   Loup will be carefully assessed over the next few weeks by Bill Chamberlain who also plans on discussing Loup with our friends at Mission Wolf in Colorado. Rest assured that whatever is in Loup’s best interest will be the path taken with this handsome youngster. To remind everyone…once the U.S. Wolf Refuge assumes responsibility by accepting an animal into our program that the animal is guaranteed a home at our sanctuary for life. We will keep everyone informed.

United States Wolf Refuge

2014 Work Weekend

Saturday 09/06/14 thru Sunday 09/07/14

This year’s Work Weekend & Camp-Out will be held on Saturday 9/6 and Sunday 9/7. Those of you that would like to arrive on Friday afternoon please let us know in advance so that we are prepared to accommodate you then.  There will be a list of items that need to be worked on that vary to meet just about everyone’s skills and limitations. Anything from cleaning pens, filling in holes that the wolves have dug within their compound, to repairing fencing that they destroy or helping complete the latest new 3 acre enclosure.  Help cook dinner or pass out water…there’s always something that needs to be finished!

It is usually very warm during the day in September and then cools down considerably at night so “layering” is suggested. Everyone will be expected to bring their own tents and sleeping bags, breakfast and lunch foods, water containers and coolers.  Water…LOTS of water!!!  Hats, sunscreen, gloves, hiking boots, tank tops and sweatshirts are highly recommended. The terrain is rocky, rough and dirty.

The refuge staff is looking forward to hosting a BBQ Dinner on Saturday evening. Weather permitting (which means little to zero wind) we will plan on having a fire to sit around to roast marshmallows and howl with our pack.   

This is Our “Sad” Face

this is our 'sad' face

   Although this years Art Paws event in Reno (hosted by Petfolio Magazine) was a giant successful Pet-Party for all, we have sad faces because we were not in the running for their grant award this time around.

All kidding aside with our picture above of former pack member Destiny (now Hina) we would like to extend our VERY SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS to Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows who won the Art Paws Under-Dog Grant this year. Good Job!!!

Chihuahua Rescue Truckee Meadows

Amazon Shoppers

Just a reminder…

Helping our pack is SOOO easy!  When you are going to do some shopping on Amazon please log onto the USWR website and CLICK THE Amazon LINK on our HOME PAGE.  It’s as easy as that!  You don’t need to do anything else except shop as usual.  The U.S. Wolf Refuge will then be credited a small percentage of what you have spent by Amazon. This small percentage multiplied by hundreds (or thousands) of people every year means a lot to our pack. 

Remembering this one little step earned over $600.00 from Amazon last year for our Pack.  So far this year we are seeing just a very small portion of this amount so PLEASEshop Amazon but FIRST log onto www.USWolfRefuge.org and CLICK THAT AMAZON LINK!

Pack Member of the Month



   It’s hard to believe that TULLY is now 10 years old.  He’s most definitely one of our favorite pack members and he’s still as active as ever.  Tully is famous for his rambunctious greetings to all visitors as well as his happy-go-lucky personality.

  Tully shares a three acre enclosure with his best buddy Bandit, where they rough-house for hours. They are two of the largest animals that reside at our sanctuary.

   We’ve never been able to understand why Tully hasn’t been able to be permanently re-homed. It may be that he gets a little home sick since he’s spent a good part of his life at our refuge.  He’s been adopted a couple of times and has been returned each time for unclear reasons.  He’s a “keeper” now and we love having him with us all the time.  We are his “forever” home and that’s the way we like it!

   To help us celebrate TULLY and to help him care for his pack, Tully’s Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of August.

Upcoming Events

U.S. Wolf Refuge Annual Work Weekend & Camp Out
Reno, Nevada
Saturday 9/6/14 thru Sunday 9/7/14

Coming soon - dates to be announced
Bill Chamberlain will be speaking in Arizona to help the Mexican Gray Wolves…
a cause that is very near and dear to his heart.


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