PetFolio Magazines 2013 Art Paws Event

Pizza partyWe kicked off our event weekend Saturday afternoon by meeting friends and volunteers at the Pizza Factory in Spanish Springs for a Pizza Party hosted by Bill Chamberlain. This has become our new meeting place for all celebrations. The employees were welcoming and the pizza was great!

Wow!!! What a great time we had the following day at the Art Paws Event. Great people, good music, good friends, and a warm day at a grass covered park under the shade trees with Kasa and Takoda …what more could anyone want? To make it even better we won FIRST PLACE in the “Readers Choice Awards” for Reno’s favorite animal charity. A huge thank you goes out to everyone in the Reno area that voted for the U.S. Wolf Refuge at Art Paws and to the PetFolio staff for hosting this absolutely wonderful event again this year.

Bill, Chris, Shellie and Tammy were joined by volunteers Lorna, Mike, Pat and our good friends Trish from Trailsafe and our webmaster Paul and his wife Mitzi helping out in our booths and showing their support in any way that they all could.

Gift basketMuch to our surprise, our donated Gift Basket made it to the Silent Auction table this year (not the raffle table) which made us pretty happy. Someone is enjoying the large stuffed animal (wolf of course) that was sporting a special embroidered U.S. Wolf Refuge cap with a howling wolf on it, as well as the beautiful coffee table book that was also enclosed.

Art PawsThe portion of the event proceeds that our refuge will receive in the near future (for placing in the contest) will come in more than handy. We never seem to cross off everything on our very large “Want List” of things that are needed for the facility or for any pack members that need a visit to the vet.

Pack Member of the Month


This month I’d like to talk about Catori. She joined our pack March 9, 2012. Just in general (because of their wolf content) these animals are not always receptive to interaction with humans and sometimes that never changes.

CatoriOf course since they are “rescues” we rarely know their complete histories, which can make our own interaction with them somewhat difficult at times. Sometimes we only know a small portion of how our rescue animals have been traumatized or the entire situations that bring them to us.

When we meet an animal like Catori who took a month to trap by animal control, then was EXTREMELY stand-offish and would always run in the other direction when faced with anyone’s attempts to get close to her, it is so very gratifying when that animal begins to slowly approach you and then finally lets you touch her and even upon very special occasions shows you affection by a sniff and lick on your chin. That is HUGE!

Bill Chamberlain was able to gain Catori’s trust pretty quickly as he has a special way with these critters and spent a lot of quality one-on-one time with her. Catori bonded pretty quickly with him and will even sit on his lap, which looks pretty silly since when she does this her head towers over his! She’s very long-legged and lanky. But, more recently she has begun to approach and show affection towards other staff members. This is why we do what we do! Unfortunately we don’t always win this battle but when you can see such a huge difference in their perception of some of us humans, it touches your heart.

You can read Catori’s entire story on our website under “Our Resident Wolves”. To celebrate this wonderful girl and to thank her for allowing us to share her life, her Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on sale the entire month of August for a $20.00 donation.

wild horsesIn the Spotlight

Wild Horses at the Refuge

This trip to Nevada and the refuge to attend the PetFolio event was made even that much more pleasurable when we encountered a small herd of wild horses very close to our refuge. More signs of the herd were found on and near the driveway to the property. These magnificent animals are a special gift and we feel honored to be able to actually see them in person from time to time, especially when they’re healthy and even have a baby or two with them. How lucky are our wolves to be able to share their home with these wonderful horses!

Upcoming Events

August 3rd - U.S. Wolf Refuge Volunteers Shellie & Chris at
"For the Love of Animals ~ a celebration of animals and their people"

Hosted by Antioch Animal Services
300 L St., Antioch CA.
Special guest appearance by Hina (formerly Destiny) who was a rescue
from Antioch Animal Services a few years ago, and Hoku and Dawnie.


October 12th – U.S. Wolf Refuge Staff at the
“Wildlife Conservation Expo” – 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street, San Francisco, CA.
Guest Speaker this year: Jane Goodall

Paw PrintFor more information about the U.S. Wolf Refuge,
contact us:
(775) 475-0510

WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...