Recurring Monthly Donations

Important, Please Read

If you are one of the people who signed up via our website for recurring monthly donations to the refuge, we owe you an apology.

Even though we were assured that it would be possible to set this up (and have it work) thru our PayPal account, we found out that PayPal cannot provide this service for us. We have now found a resource that will go directly into our bank. We will have this service up and running within a matter of DAYS, so please watch for the New Donation Button on our website.

Once again, our apologies and please take a moment to sign up again. We desperately need your support. So far, this year, we have paid well over $2,000, in veterinarian and spay/neuter costs. This does not include transportation costs getting our animals 1½ hours away to the vet. Last year our costs were double this amount. Maintenance and construction costs at the facility are well above this.

We strive to give our pack members the best possible care so please consider signing up for whatever donation amount you are comfortable with each month…


From the Pack ~ Thank You

ComancheIn the Spotlight

Comanche Visits the Dentist

With all the excitement and things happening lately, Comanche’s good news slipped my mind. We told our newsletter readers in our May newsletter that we were hoping to be able to raise enough money at our Fundraising Booth at the Stanford Powwow to schedule a badly needed dental appointment for our boy Comanche.

Comanche visited our vet for his dental work in July. Poor old guy had to have a couple of teeth pulled and he needed a filling in his broken canine. He's doing great! He now eagerly greets anyone with a gigantic open smiling wolf face ... we swear that he wants everyone to see his nice shiny Clean White Teeth!!! One more reason why do we do what we do.

Hina (formerly Destiny) Is a Celebrity

“For the Love of Animals PetFest”

Hina in costume with her First Place ribbon HinaI’ve been a U.S. Wolf Refuge volunteer and staff person for about 8 years now, all the while also volunteering at my local animal shelter in Antioch CA. My volunteering at the animal shelter is the reason that I threw my heart and soul into helping wolf-dogs and our refuge. To date I have rescued three wolf-dogs from this one small city animal shelter in Antioch CA. alone.

As a shelter volunteer for 12 years I was asked to help coordinate an August 3rd event that we called “For the Love of Animals PetFest”. My committee and I diligently worked on this event for about 5 months and it was more than a success.

What made this event even that much more special for me was that our former Pack Member HINA (formerly Destiny) joined the festivities with her new family. This was so special because she originally came to us from THIS animal shelter and everyone who worked at the shelter was thrilled to be able to see her in person two years later grown up, happy and as beautiful as she is.

I can never thank her new family enough for bringing her to this event! She’s a great little ambassador for her kind and everyone at the Wolf Refuge booth had the opportunity to educate the public about these animals. She even walked the carpet in the “Project Runway” dress-up/costume contest and won First Place dressed as what else ... A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing!!!

TitanTitan Finds a New Forever Home!

We’re so happy to announce to everyone that (very lucky) Titan made such a good impression on the people who adopted Hina (Destiny) that they just couldn’t get him out of their minds. On August 15th almost five months to the day after they adopted Hina, Titan became the newest addition to their happy family. He is now Hina and Hoku’s favorite play-toy and boy does he ever love it! ~ way to go Titan!!!

Pack Member of the Month


Of course we love to brag about our animals, but if I do say so myself, I think we have some pretty handsome male Wolf-Dogs running around our refuge! One of our favorites of all times is our Ambassador Takoda.

Although there is no doubt that Takoda can take care of himself in just about any situation, he is by far one of the most affectionate guys around. To say the least, he demands your full attention if you are within arms length ... and we have the “love” scars to prove it. If you stop touching him he does not hesitate to reach out to you and grab at you with one of his huge front paws. Of course you’re rarely that far away from him because he is about 110+ lbs. of lap wolf-dog. He will make a spot next to you and park himself there - usually mostly on top of you. How can you not love that! What’s a little wolf-slobber among friends.

You can read Takoda's entire story on our website under the “Our Resident Wolves” page. Just click on Takoda and read how he came to join our pack.

To celebrate this wonderful member of our Pack Takoda's “Adopt-a-Wolf” packet will be on special for a reduced price of $20.00 for the entire month of September.

Upcoming Events

October 12th – U.S. Wolf Refuge Staff at the
“Wildlife Conservation Expo” – 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street, San Francisco, CA.

Guest Speaker this year is our good friend Jane Goodall!

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