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Bringing Together the World's Most Renown Wildlife Conservationists

United States Wolf Refuge volunteers Pat McLaughlin, Candy Young, Colette Cussary, Chris Mikulice and Shellie Robertson accompanied Bill Chamberlain to the WCN Expo on October 12th in San Francisco.

Susana Name  Bill Chamberlain  Jane GoodallIt was another wonderful event at the 2013 Wildlife Conservation Expo in San Francisco. This year was especially wonderful in that our dear friend Dr. Jane Goodall was once again the keynote speaker. Our director Bill Chamberlain invited his new friend Diane Cheseldine to join the USWR at the Expo. She is the coordinator of the Distinguished Speakers Series. Bill and Diane had a private meeting with Dr. Goodall after the Expo to speak with her about coming and speaking in Reno. Susana Name is Dr. Goodall’s administrative assistant and the one who schedules virtually all of Dr. Goodall's itinerary. Susana and Bill agreed that Dr. Goodall will come to Reno before 2016.

Dr. Goodall's presentation was another of her inspirational speeches where she told stories of hope and determination. Her message is always to preserver regardless of the obstacles before you - always do whatever you can to make the world a better place. If we all live our lives with this as our purpose, virtually all of the world's problems will disappear.

Camilla Fox, Bill Chamberlain, Molly AtellThe USWR booth was placed next to that of Project Coyote. This year Bill got to talk with its founder, director and his friend Camilla Fox and their dedicated volunteer Molly Attell. This year Project Coyote has been active in exposing the absurdity of the USFWS wolf delisting debacle. (see article - USFWS Continues Their Delisting Lunacy) Paul Paquet - a board member of Project Coyote (a world renowned wolf biologist from Canada) made a moving presentation at the International Wolf Center Symposium held in Duluth, MN. This speech exposed the inadequate science upon which this delisting proposal is based and the despicable human behavior toward wolves. (Paul Paquet's IWC Symposium speech pdf)

We particularly enjoyed the company of Molly Attell with Project Coyote whom we’ve had the pleasure of visiting with the past few years and this year they were in the booth next to us. They are also fighting for wolves in addition to coyotes. The similarities between what the coyote and the wolf BOTH face are horrible. They are both being accused of devastating populations of cattle, deer, elk and even domestic pets – absolutely ridiculous! Project Coyote’s website is a very informative (& very graphic) website www.projectcoyote.org that is very much worth viewing.

booth at 2013 WCN ExpoThe inside of the hall is reserved primarily for groups that fight to protect animals in Africa and the Middle East (Elephants, Lions, African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, Tigers, Ethiopian Wolves, Snow Leopards etc.) We always set up our booth outside of the hall with many other groups that support the animals that are native to North America. (Cougars, Black Bears, frogs, turtles, dolphins etc.) I found it interesting that this year we were joined by SEVERAL groups that all joined forces voicing their opinions about the possible delisting of wild wolves in North America. Along with the U.S. Wolf Refuge, the California Wolf Center, Defenders of Wildlife and Project Coyote were nearby with wonderful displays and literature about how to fight for our wolves. The USFWS was smack dab in the middle of all of us ... but for some reason they did not choose to visit!?!?

In the Spotlight

Paul Paquet's IWC Symposium Speech

San Diego Loves Green – WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

WHAT DOES IT MATTER? (WOLF HUNTING AND TRAPPING)History has demonstrated clearly that societal values and perceived needs ultimately determine the treatment and often survival of species such as the wolf. Appropriately, public sensitivity to the killing of all large predators has now made any killing of wolves a contentious issue and placed management agencies under intense scrutiny. (Visit the web page for Paul Paquet's IWC Symposium Speech, or download the PDF version.)

The article was written by Dr. Paul Paquet and originally a Plenary Session of the 2013 International Wolf Symposium. Dr Paquet is Senior Scientist and Carnivore Specialist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation & Science Advisory Board Member of Project Coyote. Bill Chamberlain and staff person Christine Mikulice had the privilege of meeting and speaking with him at his book signing a few years ago.

Pack Member of the Month


Just like a mother should not have a “favorite child” none of the U.S. Wolf Refuge staff should have a favorite wolf or wolf-dog. But sometimes that’s pretty difficult, especially when you have been with our pack member “Comanche” from the beginning.

ComancheComanche joined our pack May 14, 2008 right after we met a few of the employees from San Jose California Animal Control at the Stanford Powwow. At that time we estimated his age as about 2 years old. Now that it’s about five and a half years later, and Comanche is most definitely graying all over his face, his estimated age of 7 or 8 now is somewhat questionable. All that matters is that this magnificent higher content wolf-dog, who endured horrible abuse at the hands of his original owner in his younger years, is now living a wonderful happy life with others of his kind and people who understand and ADORE him…people who are committed to caring for him the remainder of his life.

Understandably our Comanche brought a lot of baggage with him when he came to our refuge. We very quickly found out through trial and error when little things that we did met his disapproval. At one point we believed he was a potentially dangerous animal and would only allow a select few to interact with him. As time went by Comanche learned that no matter how he acted or what he did to us, all he would get from us was positive actions and affection. He taught us well and we learned about each other and I believe we are all better people because of this experience. These days we are greeted with happy howls, excited jumping and a lot of slobbery “kisses” all over our faces when he sees us. This is why we do what we do to help these animals and why Comanche IS one of our favorites!

To celebrate Comanche (Brave Warrior) and his happy life at the U.S. Wolf Refuge, his Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of November.

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colored t-shirtsVisit the U.S. Wolf Refuge On-Line “GIFT SHOP” to view our new COLORED T-shirts which are available in adult and youth sizes! We have also added Wrist Bands, Howling Wolf Earrings and wonderful multi-purpose Mini-Messenger bags. When shopping please keep in mind that your purchase adds to the funds in “Temerity’s 4-Footed Angels” emergency medical fund as well as adding more product to sell at events and in our “Gift Shop” which will ultimately help us make this fund grow.

While the fight to protect wild wolves continues, the purchase of our WRIST BANDS will help with travel expenses for Bill Chamberlain to speak at the delisting meetings.

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