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May 2013

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All cash, check, Paypal contributions to the U.S. Wolf Refuge will be eligible for all applicable tax-deductions under the most recent IRS tax code. As far as all other contributions, please check with us or your tax professional.

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42nd Annual Stanford Powwow

May  10, 11, and 12


42nd Annual Stanford PowWowIt's just around the corner and we're finalizing our plans to be a part of this year's celebration at the Stanford Powwow. We love this event and always look forward to seeing the many people that we've met there thru the years. Hopefully KASA and TAKODA will put their best paws forward to impress the public with HER BEAUTY and HIS HANDSOME GOOD LOOKS. We have a few NEW items for our gift shop and have our paws-crossed that our fundraising efforts are realized.

Twilight Encounter by Darrell Bush

This year we're holding a SILENT AUCTION at the event for a beautiful, large matted, framed and signed print with Certificate of Authenticity (#306 of 999) titled "TWILIGHT ENCOUNTER" by artist Darrell Bush. The print was donated to us for fundraising by Mr. and Mrs. Les Flynn of Sparks, Nevada. Funds taken in from this auction will be deposited into "Temerity's 4 Footed Angels" fund to help take care of some badly needed dental work for our boy, Comanche.

If you'd like to attend the Powwow as a guest, visit their website www.stanfordpowwow.org for directions and times.

Hope to see y'all there!

Did "Uncle Sam" Bite You?


Is filing this year's income tax forms making you think about next years? You can help yourself with monthly Charitable Tax-Deductible Donations while helping our Pack.

If everyone on our e-newsletter list signed up for an automatic donation of ONLY $5.00 per month it would generate roughly $2,000.00 per month in donations to support our rescue work and education programs . . . that would be a life changing event for the refuge.

As I wrote in our last newsletter, in a perfect world Bill Chamberlain, who founded the refuge almost 30 years ago, would be able to devote the majority of his time focusing on care and maintenance of our facility. Unfortunately that has NEVER been the case. We are a small all volunteer organization and although we have people like you that make donations whenever you can, Bill must not only take care of our Pack but he must do it before and after he works all day. Weekends and Holidays are non-existent.

If you support our rescue work and want us to continue helping these magnificent animals; if you want to partner with us to make sure our animals needs are met, please show your support by signing up on this program today. No amount is too small but WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Pack Member of the Month



AthenaIt's hard to believe that ATHENA, our little "Goddess of Wisdom", has been with us since 2007. She has gone from a very sick 4 month old puppy literally on deaths doorstep and covered in mange, to a playful teenager that tested poor old Temerity's patience on many occasions, growing into one of the easiest going, friendliest animals at our refuge. The only animal that has ever gotten grumpy with her was Destiny one time when Destiny was feeling growing-pains and decided to test the "old queen bee" That did not last. .

Our sleek and trim little angel is now a pleasingly-plump girl since she is no longer allowed to freely roam the acres of property at the refuge. That came to an abrupt halt when we suspected some of her new friends might be a few of the local coyotes and that she was also paying visits to the neighbors chickens. Athena now spends her days hanging out with the "House Pack" in the play yard outside of the refuge office to keep her out of trouble. She's still "Daddy's Girl" and no doubt remembers the months that Bill Chamberlain spent giving her daily medicated baths and putting medicine on all of the open sores all over her body. If it hadn't been for him, our Athena would have quickly died.

Athena and Arrow have been a bonded pair since shortly before Temerity died. I'm very sure that Temerity approved of the relationship since in my mind I can still see her laying on her bed in the living room calmly watching Athena and Arrow bouncing all around her in play.

Athena is being honored this month as our Pack Member of the Month and her Adopt-a-Wolf Packet will be on special for the entire month of May for a $20.00 donation.

In the Spotlight



TakodaMany of our rescue animals come to us with little or no known facts about their pasts. When we agree to accept an animal from an animal shelter, many times they have been abandoned without the person even going into the building to tell staff anything about the animals age, behavior issues or anything. Sometimes they are picked up as strays and never claimed.

I received what I considered a fasinating email recently from Takoda's original owner. We already new a little about the circumstances leading to his joining us, but we knew nothing about why he was given to his second owner who sought us out for help.

Takoda comes to us from Northern California and we just found out that he was owned by Native American members of the Karuk Tribe. They are one of the largest Native American Tribes on the West Coast. Takoda's original name was Arii'eemkha (I'm still searching for the correct spelling) which means "Spirit Walking." He was one of four "dogs" that were meant to be kept to watch over their owners other animals, but Takoda kept disappearing for sometimes 4 days at a time, and sometimes taking a few of the other dogs with him and they were going deer hunting. Any doubts about Takoda's wolf heritage have now been extinguished as far as I'm concerned. He was doing what nature taught him to do!

His former owners are excited to know how well he is doing and that he is safe. I think we're pretty lucky to have discovered these things about his past.

Upcoming Events

May 10th, 11th, 12th The 42nd Annual Stanford Powwow
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA. www.stanfordpowwow.org

July 21st 13th Annual Art Town ART PAWS event sponsored by PetFolio Magazine
McKinley Arts & Cultural Center, Reno, NV. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. www.petfoliomagazine.com

August 3rd - .S. Wolf Refuge Volunteers Shellie & Chris at
"For the Love of Animals ~ a celebration of animals and their people"
Hosted by Antioch Animal Services
300 L St., Antioch CA.
Special guest appearance by Hina (formerly Destiny) who was a rescue
from Antioch Animal Services a few years ago, and Hoku and Dawnie.

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contact us:
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