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March 2013

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Our baby girl is leaving us ...

We're so very happy to tell everyone that our little baby girl "Destiny" has captured the hearts of two very special people and they have decided to add her to their family.

Destiny is so special. We're all so happy that she has finally found her people to love. She's also getting a new sister with this adoption. "Hoku", also a wolf-dog, is a little older than Destiny. The two of them have met a few times over the course of a week and are on their way to becoming the best of friends.Destiny and new mom

Destiny and HokoTo help Destiny celebrate this wonderful life changing event and to send her off with a BIG AWOOOOOOO (that's wolf for "you go girl-we're so happy for you-we'll miss you though ... but way to go!") her "Adopt-a-Wolf Packet" will be on special the entire month of March FOR THE VERY LAST TIME.

Here's a wonderful message from Destiny's new mom:

We wanted to share with you that Destiny will get a new name ... HINA (heena), Goddess of the moon. In Hawaiian mythology Hina is mostly described as a very attractive, smart, beautiful, determined young woman pursued by men and other creatures. Hina becomes tired of living in the crowd, flees to the moon, and eventually becomes goddess of it. Hina is also short for Mahina which means moon. So we will have Hoku (star) and Hina (moon).

In the Spotlight

Check out our new "Donation Buttons"


Our webmaster, Paul, has designed a new "Donate" button for our website to give everyone the option of not only donating to the "General Fund" and "Temerity's 4 Footed Angels" emergency medical fund but ALSO signing up for regular MONTHLY donations. (Wow ... we've moved into this century!)

We appreciate all of Paul's faithful dedication and hard work that he has continued to donate to us over the years. We don't know what we would ever do without him! In our opinion we have a really great website and a wonderful friend. There's no doubt that Paul's 13 year old Wolf-Dog "TRIVIA" continues to sit in the office chair next to him prompting him to give us as much attention as he can manage. Thank you Paul ~ and everyone, check it out!

MATTHEW R. BAILEY, Photographer

And the Wild Horses of Northern Nevada


Obviously these are NOT wild horses but we've been very fortunate to meet a new friend. Our staff person takodaand refuge photographer Christine Mikulice met Matt at a Petfolio Art Paws event in Reno a few years ago. He was at the event displaying his absolutely beautiful photographs of some of the wild horses in the area. This man gets up before the sun comes up, no matter Kasahow bone chilling the temperatures are, and hikes out into the middle of nowhere following small herds of these amazing animals. Chris and I (Shellie) were so honored to have been invited to accompany him a few months ago on one of these expeditions. It's something that I personally will remember for the rest of my life, not only because it was 23 degrees, but because the beauty and power that these horses possess are amazing.

Matt paid a visit to our refuge a few weeks ago to learn about our animals and our work. There was a little snow on the ground so we went down into our new 2 acre enclosure with Kasa and Takoda, our ambassador wolf-dogs. According to Chris, Matt did enjoy photographing these two chasing each other thru the snow and said he'd definitely be back! Welcome to the Pack Matt

Everyone check out his website: www.matthewrbailey.org



Pow Wow 2013Once again, we are planning our attendance at our largest fundraising event of the year, the Stanford Powwow. The Powwow is held each year over Mother's Day Weekend at Stanford University in Palo Alto CA. The days and hours are:

Friday - 5/10 6:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.
(set-up begins about 3:00)
Saturday - 5/11 11:00a.m.to 11:00p.m.
Sunday - 5/12 11:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
(tear-down begins between 5-6:00).
(Camping is available)

If you commit to us on Mother's Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday OR Sunday) please know that we will be counting on your help, so if your plans change please let us know as soon as possible. We'd appreciate any and all help. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

May 10th, 11th, 12th The 42nd Annual Stanford Powwow
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA. www.stanfordpowwow.org

July 21st 13th Annual Art Town ART PAWS event sponsored by PetFolio Magazine
McKinley Arts & Cultural Center, Reno, NV. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. www.petfoliomagazine.com


Paw PrintFor more information about the U.S. Wolf Refuge,
contact us:
(775) 475-0510

WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...