2013 Stanford Powwow

The U.S. Wolf Refuge just attended what I believe to be the best Stanford Powwow that we have ever gone too. We were organized and had more than adequate help which was INCREDIBLE.

2013 PowwowThe weekend began for us Friday morning checking in and setting up camp. Then in the early afternoon we met with volunteers who turned out to help us set-up our two canopies, corral, displays, fund raising "Gift Shop" etc. It was beyond wonderful to have this help this year. THANK YOU Nancy, Madison, Colette, Candy, Robin, J.R. and Dean (Shellie’s husband). We (Bill, Chris & Shellie) could NOT have done it without you!!!

Saturday and Sunday we were assisted by Teresa, Becky, Madison, and new friends Helen and Cassandra greeting the public and helping in our "Gift Shop". Nancy brought us enough lunch on Saturday to carry us over into the evening ... so appreciated.

We were greeted by countless old friends who make a point of attending the Powwow each year to specifically visit with us and our wolf-dogs. These familiar faces warm our hearts and make all the hard work worthwhile. It's always wonderful to visit with everyone and meet new people. We stressed our education program, answered hundreds of questions and showed off Kasa and Takoda who took it all in stride and pretty much kicked back and enjoyed the attention.

2013 powwow at StanfordMother's Day was made that much more special when we were visited by "Hina" (formerly Destiny) and her new family. I think they were a bigger attraction than we were! When TAKODA (specifically) caught a glimpse of HINA he was so excited to see his former playmate that he almost jumped over Shellie (who was seated and holding his leash) and thru the corral fence to greet her ... meanwhile Hina was doing the same in reverse and began "washing" Shellie's face with kisses. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! We explained to the laughing crowd that she was a former U.S. Wolf Refuge Pack Member and that she and Takoda used to live together. Everyone loved it.

Our fund raising "Gift Shop" and donation bins did very well. The majority of the proceeds from our Gift Shop are going directly into "Temerity’s 4-Footed Angels" Emergency Medical Fund.

At the end of it all, once again, Nancy, Madison, Candy and Dean assisted with tear down. Congratulations to Robin and J.R. who were unable to make it on Sunday because Robin's cousin had her baby.

In the Spotlight


4-year old MalinaWe have been very fortunate thru the years to meet new volunteers who are willing to drive all the way out to the refuge in Nevada, roll up their sleeves and dig in to work very hard for our Pack. Among these people is our youngest volunteer "Malina."

Malina at the powwowMalina’s family contacted us in May 2009 to come to the Work Weekend that we were having at the refuge. The only issue was that they were caring for their 2 year old niece Malina. We told them at that time that the refuge was a very isolated, rugged place with very large animals and that it was not a good place to bring a baby. Their response was that she was a very TUFF little Native American and that they would make sure she was watched and safe ... well, we reluctantly made an exceptiion at that time and are so very happy that we did.

We have watched Malina grow and now at 6 years old she still can't wait to see her refuge friends, including some the wolf-dogs. Malina paid a visit to her special friend Kasa at this years Powwow once again. By the way, little Malina is now dancing at the Powwow with her cousins and friends.

Pack Member of the Month


"NALA", who is now about 4 years old, was a last minute, emergency, cooperative rescue effort where USWR Volunteers Shellie Robertson, Dean Robertson & Bill Chamberlain pulled together and answered her former owners begging phone calls to pick her up before he had no other option than to walk inside the doors of the NalaAnimal Control Facility near Manteca California. He and his wife were separating and the man was leaving for the East coast on an airplane the following morning. Within literally a few hours of the initial phone call to Shellie, Dean jumped in his truck and drove to the person's Manteca home to pick up (the then 8 month old) NALA and from there he then transported her to a meeting point in Sacramento where Bill was waiting for her.

When we took NALA in, she was a very young, high strung, nervous little girl, who really didn't like interaction with us humans at all ... typical wolf behavior. She has adapted well to her new home at the refuge especially since she has moved in with her boyfriend SHADOW. What a handsome pair they make. She went from a clumsy looking pup, blossoming into a beautiful wolf-dog. She is now a little more accepting of humans, but it is very normal for her to prefer the other wolves over us.

For the entire month of June (in addition to celebrating our Malina) we are celebrating our beautiful wolf-dog NALA. Her "Adopt-a-Wolf Packet" will be on special for a reduced price of $20.00. Help Nala's pack by purchasing this wonderful gift for a loved one.

Help Us and Help Yourself

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If everyone on our e-newsletter list signed up for an automatic donation of ONLY $5.00 per month it would generate roughly $2,000.00 per month in donations to support our rescue work and education programs . . . that would be a life changing event for the refuge AND could help you with a tax-deductible donations for your taxes.

As I wrote in our last couple of newsletters, in a perfect world Bill Chamberlain, who founded the refuge almost 30 years ago, would be able to devote the majority of his time focusing on care and maintenance of our facility. Unfortunately that has NEVER been the case. We are a small all volunteer organization and although we have people like you that make donations whenever you can, Bill must not only take care of our Pack but he must do it before and after he works all day. Weekends and Holidays are non-existent.

If you support our rescue work and want us to continue helping these magnificent animals; if you want to partner with us to make sure our animals needs are met, please show your support by signing up on this program today. No amount is too small but WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU.

Upcoming Events

July 21st 13th Annual Art Town ART PAWS event sponsored by PetFolio Magazine
McKinley Arts & Cultural Center, Reno, NV. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

August 3rd - U.S. Wolf Refuge Volunteers Shellie & Chris at
"For the Love of Animals ~ a celebration of animals and their people"

Hosted by Antioch Animal Services
300 L St., Antioch CA.
Special guest appearance by Hina (formerly Destiny) who was a rescue
from Antioch Animal Services a few years ago, and Hoku and Dawnie.

Paw PrintFor more information about the U.S. Wolf Refuge,
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WOOOOOOF... see you next month ...