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~ The Year 2012 ~

We will ALL remember 2012 with bitter sweetness. We began the year 2012 by celebrating our Senior Ambassador "Temerity's" 16th birthday in January. We also found out the exciting news about OR-7 "Journey" the first wild wolf known to be back in California since their demise in the 1920s. Thankfully as of this date he is still wandering around Northeastern California. In February "Catori" joined our pack. On May 15th we lost our beloved "Temerity" at almost 16½ years old. Shortly thereafter in July we introduced "Yazhi" to everyone. "Titan" joined us at the very end of September and was introduced in our October newsletter. Shortly after Titan's arrival we unfortunately suffered yet another loss, our sweet girl "Nacoma" on October 17th at 13 years old. In November we introduced our rescue from Wasco California, "Cheyanne" and in December we brought "Comfort" to our sanctuary from NORSLED Rescue in California, for rehabilitation. As of the emailing of this newsletter we may possibly have two more rescue animals joining us at the refuge.

In 2012 we held several successful work-weekends and once again attended the Stanford Powwow at Stanford University in California as well as Petfolio Magazines "Art Paws" event in Reno. Once again we were among the top three winners voted as the Reno Area's favorite animal charity which earned us a nice donation once again from this event. In October we were included in the animal organizations present at the Wildlife Conservation Network's event in San Francisco.

We are all looking forward to what 2013 has in store for us and our Pack.

Happy New Year from our Pack to Yours

Comfort"Comfort" Joins Our Pack

In December we teamed up with NORSLED (Northern California Sled Dog Rescue) to hopefully help rehabilitate one of their rescue dogs. "Comfort" as Gail DeRita, Norsleds Rescue Coordinator named him, came to them from a California shelter very traumatized and in need of immediate medical care. She immediately took him to their vet in Dublin California for treatment of a blunt force facial trauma and various other open wounds. He was very scared, very wild and un-socialized. She felt that she had done everything she could possibly do at that point to help "Comfort" other than get him to a place where he could heal, both physically and emotionally.

Gail and Shellie Robertson (of the U.S. Wolf Refuge) have worked closely thru the years doing rescue work so Gail contacted Shellie asking if there was any way the U.S. Wolf Refuge could possibly give sanctuary to this very large Malamute. Of course we are always willing to help whenever we can and we agreed to take "Comfort". Our hopes are that with time, patience and emotional healing, that we may someday be able to return "Comfort" to Gail to be adopted into the perfect new home.

Pack Member of the Month


Arrow and SimonI'd like to introduce you to our 100 lb. Pure Wolf "Arrow" ... actually when Bill Chamberlain initially spoke with "Arrow's" former owner on the phone a few years ago, that is what he was told before he jumped in his truck and drove HOURS to go pick this animal up. Once he met "Arrow" (who was maybe 30 lbs. soaking wet) he was committed to help this little guy even though it is un-likely that Arrow has little to zero Wolf in him at all.

(photo: Arrow running with Staff person Chris's dog Simon)

"Arrow" is the PERFECT animal and he very quickly won us over ~ he is well behaved and social with people and animals. Upon his arrival he immediately bonded with Athena as if they were soul mates and they were inseparable from the start. So, needless to say, Arrow is a permanent resident at the U.S. Wolf Refuge and resides with the House Pack with Athena.

Arrow's Adopt-a-Wolf packet will be on special the entire month of January for a reduced price of a $20.00 donation to help our Pack ... those that ARE and are not Wolves!

Notes from Bill Chamberlain our Director:


Jeanne Chinn of Being With Wolves and Bill Chamberlain of the U.S. Wolf Refuge came together at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo this past October. Their mutual passions and objectives caused them to consider joining forces. Much of the wolf's strength comes from the pack's teamwork. An old wolf proverb says:

The strength of the wolf comes from the pack
And the strength of the pack comes from the wolf

Read the rest of the article.

Doug Smith Speaks at UNR

Dr. Doug Smith who has been the Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Project Leader since 1995 came to Reno for a presentation on the project's progress and obstacles. This presentation was held in the Redfield Auditorium, Davidson Mathematics and Science Center at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). His coming to Reno was facilitated by Dr. Jeff Thompson the dean of the UNR science department. UNR is where Dr. Smith received his doctorate degree. His allegiance to UNR was a result of his meeting Dr. Steve Jenkins who was his doctoral advisor. They are still good friends and close colleagues. This event was attended by some very renowned people in the science and wildlife communities.

Read the rest of the article.


Bear League - Bill, Ann, Pat, and KasaBill Chamberlain and Pat McLaughlin (and our sweet Kasa) of the U.S. Wolf Refuge were invited by Ann Bryant of the Bear League of Lake Tahoe to attend their annual Bear Holiday Party. It was held at the James Harrold Art Gallery in Tahoe City and was quite a festive event. It was filled with music, food, fun, and good cheer. The auction and raffles raised money for the Bear League of Lake Tahoe and it enabled many of the guests to learn about the Bear League and its mission. Artist Katherine Anglin donated a wonderful original painting of Sunny - a well known and loved bear in the Tahoe area that was recently shot.

The Bear League is a completely volunteer, community based, non-profit organization in the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Truckee area and the surrounding forests. It is committed to keeping bears safe and wild in their natural habitat. Their recent efforts have been rather tedious due to the recent unnecessary shooting of bears and the California Department of Fish and Game's lethargic investigation of them. Like the wolf, the bear is an essential piece of wildlife that is necessary for the natural balance of any ecosystem. It is indigenous to this area and the extent of its presence is an accurate barometer of the areas ecological health.

Like the U.S. Wolf Refuge, the Bear League is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that must spend a substantial portion of its energy raising funds instead of accomplishing it mission. In this holiday season of giving I strongly recommend you consider the benefits of donating to both of these organizations. You may do so at U.S. Wolf Refuge and

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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year


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