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February 2013

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Update by Bill Chamberlain
Director of the U.S. Wolf Refuge

"Comfort" is a wonderful animal that came to us from NorSled [Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (http://www.norsled.org) which rescues, fosters and finds homes for unwanted, abandoned and abused Northern breed dogs: Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, and mixes of these breeds. It is thought that this poor guy had been running loose for several months and was either severely abused in his previous home or while he was on the run. He had some serious facial trauma, some pretty bad battle scars, damaged teeth, fly-bitten ears and had what appeared to be a gun shot wound. NorSled invested some significant funds into Comfort's vet expenses. Gail DeRita (NorSled's Rescue Coordinator) thought because of his behavior he might be a wolf-dog but most importantly he was in no shape physically or mentally to be adoptable at this time. So she contacted her long-time friend Shellie Robertson of the U.S. Wolf Refuge to see if we would provide this animal the sanctuary he needed. Of course she said we would. In exchange for taking Comfort they agreed that NorSled would take our Yahzi.

ComfortYahzi is a sweet little husky-mix that has a perplexing nasal condition. The U.S. Wolf Refuge spent significant funds in treating this condition but it never was corrected. Upon taking Yahzi Norsled invested even more into Yahzi's treatment but still it eludes being corrected. Norsled returned Yahzi to us and we are now working with Maureen Adams of All Creatures Vet Hospital (www.allcreaturesvh.com) and U.C. Davis Vet School to see if the cause and treatment can finally be determined. If so, Norsled will assist us in finding her a new home.

Comfort is a well behaved lovable husky mix. He is about 60 pounds and about middle age (5-7 years-old). He currently lives with 5 others like him but he is not quite sure yet how to enjoy their company. He does occasionally play with them but he tends to stay on the outside and sometimes even keeps to himself. He does at times rebel when he is urged to do something he doesn't want to do. But for the most part he is becoming very comfortable in his new life. He relishes the security and the placid routine of life here at the Refuge. His recent behavior indicates that he would be quite adoptable, but I'm not sure how he would adjust/react to another major change in his living situation. IF he becomes more confident in the future we will hopefully work with Norsled to place him in a new home ... but if not, he has a forever home at the refuge.

We would like to change Comfort's name. He is a true survivor after his ordeal of living on his own on the run. He is very sweet and quite affectionate but can be a bit cantankerous on occasion. We are searching for something that is fitting to all various aspects of his personality. Please submit your suggestions to
Bill Chamberlain
Director of the U.S. Wolf Refuge



Niko demanding his foodNiko came to us from the Animal Control Shelter in Chico CA. He is a high-energy high-strung guy that does not take readily to human males. With each day and each hour I spend with him I am slowly gaining relational ground, but it will be quite some time before he licks my face. He is just 13 months old. He was turned into the shelter by his previous owner who was a young female student who did not have the time nor the knowledge to properly care care for him. Niko spent between 4-8 hours a day in her house alone and often was destructive. She indicated that he was housebroken but he is far too exuberant to reside with the Refuge's "indoor/outdoor gang." Niko is now living with Cheyanne and they seem to be truly enjoying each others company. They are about the same age, the same size, and they both have plenty of youthful energy. He is in excellent health. He is neutered and has a ferocious appetite. This is an animal that will require/demand a great deal of time and patience. He is still in the formative years of his life and the habits and behaviors he establishes today will determine his quality of life in the years to come. Making sure those habits and behaviors are ones that will benefit him all through his life is a responsibility I gladly accept and a mission that I will undertake with the utmost of care.

Jane Goodall's Grandson Merlin
Visits the U.S. Wolf Refuge Again

Bill Chamberlain's Account of Merlin's Visit

Merlin withSince my meeting Jane Goodall over 4 years ago she has blessed me with enough joyous insights and experiences to last any normal person a lifetime. Two years ago she entrusted me with a great responsibility (and the wonderful experience) of sending her grandson - Merlin van Lawick - to the U.S. Wolf Refuge for a week of volunteer work. Like his grandmother he has always had a love of animals especially dogs. During that visit it became obvious that he has a special way with them, and our Shadow took to him quite favorably. Shadow is quite selective about who he interacts with. Merlin was able to get licks on the face from him and they went on extended walks together. ... Read the entire story


"TITAN" joined our Pack from a military family in San Diego, California the last part of September 2012. His former owners situation became too stressful when the family was not only living on base again, but her husband was once again deployed over-seas leaving her alone with a newborn baby and two other very small children. She knew that by herself she would not be able to give Titan the attention he required to keep him busy and out of trouble, which her husband had played a huge part in doing before he left. So she made the heart breaking decision to give up this beautiful animal that she had raised from a baby. At the time she knew the refuge was the best place for him and we were the only people she trusted to care for him. She also knew Titan would love the company of others like himself and after several conversations she actually became very excited for him

Titan is a very special boy. He had extraordinary training while growing up and has passed the CGC and had started therapy training as well as agility. According to the breeder that gave this animal to his former owner, Titan is supposed to be Arctic/British Columbian/Mexican Grey Wolf & Malamute.

Titan is not only available for adoption to the perfect new home, but his "Adopt-a-Wolf" packet is on special the entire month of February for a $20.00 donation to help his Pack.



Pow Wow 2013Once again we are beginning to plan for the U.S. Wolf Refuge's largest fund raising and awareness event of the year. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or if you are willing to drive to Palo Alto, we would appreciate your help at the Stanford Powwow. We ESPECIALLY need help with the SET-UP and TAKE-DOWN of our two booths. More volunteers would be helpful for us during the event for crowd control (our Ambassador Wolf-Dogs are just a "little bit" popular), passing out or directing people to literature about the refuge and helping in our "Gift Shop" (which contains our fundraising merchandise and pretty popular).

The event begins on Friday evening May 10th so set-up will begin at approximately 3:00 that day after we check in. The event ends on Sunday evening May 12th between 5:00-6:00 and we will tear-down and pack up to return to Nevada after that. This is Mother's Day Weekend, so please be aware of that when making your commitment to us.

For those of you who wish to help and experience this amazing event, there is free camping if you wish to stay over. They do ask for a small donation. There is mixed tent & RV camping throughout the designated area. They provide ample portable restrooms and wash stations. It is dry camping for RV's (no hook-ups). We will be setting up our camp spot as early as possible that Friday and we welcome anyone who wishes to join us. With enough volunteers maybe we won't have to work so hard and can actually ENJOY camping and volunteering together. Of course our Ambassador Wolf-Dogs will be camping with us!

Temerity's "FOUR FOOTED ANGELS" Fund

Thanks to you, it's working!!!

Thank you AGAIN to those of you that have made contributions to "T's" Fund. If you would like to help the refuge keep this new Medical Fund growing, please click the "Donation" button on the website and then the up/down arrow to Temerity's Fund. No amount is too small ~ it all adds up and it's ALL FOR OUR PACK.  

Upcoming Events

May 10th, 11th, 12th The 42nd Annual Stanford Powwow
Stanford University Palo Alto, CA. www.stanfordpowwow.org

July 21st 13th Annual Art Town ART PAWS event sponsored by PetFolio Magazine
McKinley Arts & Cultural Center, Reno, NV. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. www.petfoliomagazine.com


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