Obviously, the many needs of the U.S. Wolf Refuge could be met easily and quickly by simply having the money to pay for them. However, we are well aware that most individuals and businesses today are looking at an uncertain financial future. The U.S. Wolf Refuge is no different. Considering the financial prospects of today's economy, many people who wish to support the U.S. Wolf Refuge are choosing to contribute their time rather than draw on their financial resources.

In order to provide humane care for the magnificent animals now with us, and those in the future, we are asking all of our friends to contribute as much as possible in time and/or financial support. Whatever efforts we make together will help us ensure the development of the best possible environment for these animals that we love so much.

In addition to rescuing and providing safe refuge for the countless wolves and wolf dogs that need our help, we wish to develop our Educational Outreach Program. The U.S. Wolf Refuge can tailor any length presentation on wolf behavior, management, evolution, history, rescue, or any related topic for your school, university, nature group, community involvement organization, animal control agency, humane society or shelter or the general public.

The U.S. Wolf Refuge is an instrumental organization is the fight to restore wolves back into suitable habitat all across the U.S. This has become quite contentious environmentally, ecologically, politically and legally. Our voice has been heard from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA - in courtrooms, in public hearings, in advocacy rallies, and even before political bodies. Our focus is to change the present-day management policies not only for wolves but all wildlife.

For those interested in learning first-hand about the behavior and personality of wolves, volunteering will afford you the opportunity to learn and to help the U.S. Wolf Refuge.

Following are some ways you can volunteer:

  • Schools - Students, ask your teacher or school administrators if you can organize a fundraising event such as a car wash, bake sale, candy drive, etc. If you want some ideas, we have plenty ... just call us. Also Kasa - our ambassador wolf - loves going to schools
  • Businesses - Employees, ask your manager about contribution drives with matching donations from the company, donation requests enclosed in paycheck envelopes, corporate donations, etc.
  • Service Clubs - Boy Scout, Girl Scout and 4-H Club members, ask your leaders about special projects. We can suggest a variety of volunteer projects for your group or individual members that would benefit the wolf. Also we like to share our mission with groups like the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, etc.
  • Community Service - If the court has sentenced you to community service, the United States Wolf Refuge is where you can complete that obligation. Simply cal us!
  • Fund raising events
  • Grant writing
  • Writing newsletter articles
  • Responding to letters and emails
  • Animal care and socialization
  • Veterinary assistance
  • Fence/enclosure work
  • Filling in fence line and water line trenches
  • Pen cleaning and repair
  • Construction of out buildings
  • Major excavation work
  • Grading of the entrance roadway
  • Grading for firebreaks

Our Financial Needs

  • Completion of our 6th 2 acre+ enclosure $ 12,000
  • Grading and surfacing of entrance roadway $ 5,000
  • Grading of firebreaks around facility $ 6,000
  • Construction of 3,000 sq ft steel fireproof building with septic $150,000

Please make checks or Money Orders payable to:

United States Wolf Refuge

Mail to:

United States Wolf Refuge
P.O. Box 2756
Sparks, NV 89432