The UNITED STATES WOLF REFUGE is a national non-profit organization. The entire operating budget is derived from charitable donations, and unlike many of today's non-profit charities, 100% of these donations are used directly for the welfare of the animals. There are no salaries or administrative costs, and all labor is strictly volunteer.


Our facility has an immediate need for our ½-mile long entrance road to be graded and surfaced. We could do this ourselves but our bulldozer needs $6000 in repairs. This is needed so the rain and snow doesn't make our only road in and out impassible.

A small garden tractor (or skid-steer) would make many of our projects much easier. It needs to have a front bucket and a back-hoe and post-hole drilling attachment.

We can use all the 6' - 7' and 8' chain link fence material that anyone can donate. We also need all the metal fence posts and all the chain link hardware we can get.

The 30' x 100' building

We still have plans for a 3000 square-foot fireproof building, which will contain 20 weather protective pens, a veterinarian lab, and living quarters for caretakers.($147k)

It will make observation and photography of the animals and the facility if we put a deck, railing and steps to the flat roof of the generator building.

Also visitors and staff would truly enjoy an observation gazebo on the summit of a mountain here on the Refuge's property.

The Future in Wolf and Wolf-dog Care

The purpose of the U.S. Wolf Refuge is to provide the animals in our care with the highest quality of life that we can. One of the most important things in doing this is to provide them with a safe, secure, and comfortable place to live. It is our responsibility to give them a quality of life that is equal to that of their natural way of life. Since these animals cannot be returned to their natural environment, we must give them the freedom to be what they truly are. Giving them this freedom in a captive situation is a delicate and difficult dichotomy.

Fireproof-Building Color Sketch

The drawing and descriptions and sketch on this page, depict the plan we have for them. They will spend the vast majority of their time in the free roaming enclosures. These are several acres in size with abundant trees, dens, and water. The 30' x 100' building will be a highly insulated fireproof structure. One of our biggest concerns in our location is a forest fire. This building will insure a safe retreat for the animals and the caretakers in the event of such a fire. They will be kept in the indoor pens only when weather, behavior, or health concerns necessitate it, or when there are no caretakers at the facility. These indoor and outdoor pens will allow the caretakers to control where each animal goes, and to control what animals are put together and what animals are kept apart. The individual pens will also allow for the close monitoring of any animal that has any health or physical problems.