December 2014

by Bill Chamberlain

Wolf Connection

The wolf uses teamwork, unity and synergy to survive. It enables 90-pound wolves to bring down 1000-pound elk. In our 30 year history I have tried to bring together as many wolf advocacy people and groups as possible. We are all much stronger and more effective when we act together. The U.S. Wolf Refuge has been around for 30 years because of our working with other wolf groups and our dedicated volunteers working together.

Wolf Connection

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with all the wonderful people at Wolf Connection - a wolf and wolf-dog rescue facility in Acton, CA. ( They were having a wonderful event where visitors and some of their most social wolves and wolf-dogs would go on a 2 mile hike together. Visitors would get the chance to see the area surrounding Wolf Connection as well as to interact with the animals and have their pictures taken with them.

Steve Wastell

Our wonderful volunteer Dawnie Kennedy had been working with Steve Wastell of Wolf Connection in finding the best home for our Lokahi (Loup). She introduced me to Steve and we started to communicate about each other's sanctuary and our procedures. Wolf Connection, like most quality rescues is overwhelmed with number of wolves they presently have. So it was decided that this magnificent animal will stay here with us at the U.S. Wolf Refuge. Lokahi is deliberate in developing relationships. Presently he is content and secure with his pen-mate Niko, and I sincerely feel it will be quite traumatic for him to adjust to a new living situation.

My stay at Wolf Connection was quick but we managed to discuss many topics. I met Teo Alfero (founder & CEO). We had a rather lengthy conversation about wolves, their plight here in America, and the wolf-dog controversy. He originally focused solely on youth development and started using various animals for AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy). That brought him in contact with the people who are now Wolf Connection staff. Through his vision and leadership he has brought these two areas together. He is using the love and affection of wolves to show our "confused" youth what is like to feel "worthy" and "productive."

Julia Huffman

I was asked to conduct a video interview with Julia Huffman who is producing a video called Medicine of the Wolf. Its trailer has rave reviews from those who know Julia and are renown wolf people. (Mike Phillips, Executive Director, Turner Species Fund - Brooks Fahy, Predator Defense - Colin McCormack, manager of The THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF UNITED STATES’s ACE program - Brooks Fahy, Predator Defense)

This was very worthwhile and enjoyable visit. I look forward to an open and supportive relationship between Wolf Connection and the U.S. Wolf Refuge.