"What is Meant to be Will Find its Way"

Stevie Nicole Painter

Stevie Nicole Painter was born on January 14, 1989 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. She is described as an artistic animal lover, an "old soul" who was wise beyond her years and seemed to have a clear understanding of what makes life important. She knew that it was not money, not what you did or did not do; she saw beneath the superficial. Stevie did not judge others by color, creed, size, preference, and she overlooked shortcomings in others, only interested in digging deeper, knowing more. Imperfections, which are subjective judgments, others may see, she either did not observe or perceive in that way, or perhaps it was the "difference," that individuality, that actually drew her closer... She had a consistent, cognitive belief that life would unfold, and as she drove in her car to see her boyfriend, Pedro, on Sunday evening, she possessed this same wisdom, and the same solid beliefs and contentment of spirit in her heart. On Myspace, her written words were: "what is meant to be will find its way."

Stevie loved her family, and I believe that if she were here tonight, she would say "I love you" and to her uncles Todd and Kris, "thank you for hearing me, thank you for believing in me, and thank you for taking me into your life."

Stevie loved to eat at Zona Fresca and Tosie's and was drawn to all animals, but especially to wolves. It is written that each wolf comes to this plane of existence with a special gift of knowledge, just as we humans do. But unlike most of us, they, and most animals in the universe, are much better adapted to living within the balance of nature and with the flow of nature's energy. Wolves are considered by many to be the highest animal in the spiritual plane. They represent the teachers and guardians of balance in nature.

Depending on their color, they teach different lessons and share different energies with those they watch over and walk beside. Stevie had a spiritual connection with wolves. The wolf that you are connected to spiritually is your animal spirit guide. The native Americans believe that we all have an animal spirit guide. Wisdom traditions teach that worldly wisdom can only be achieved when you first learn to "know thyself."

In fact, one of the most popular elements of native American symbolism is the role of animal spirit guides, animals that represent parts of ourselves and cant teach us to integrate, heal, and develop both our weaknesses and our strengths. The wolf represents feminine energy and is a link to the natural world that symbolizes our inner qualities. It is written that if the wolf is your spiritual guide, he will always be with you; you will see him from time to time, and he will bring comfort when you need him.

Stevie's spiritual connection, attempt to maintain balance, and general outlook of acceptance and tolerance, facilitated and solidified her impact on many, many people. It is unlikely that she knew how many lives she touched, what she brought to the lives of those she knew and loved, and how critically important and amazing her innate sense of wisdom and true acceptance was to everyone around her.