Doug Smith at UNR

Dr. Doug Smith who has been the Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Project Leader since 1995 came to Reno for a presentation on the project’s progress and obstacles. This presentation was held in the Redfield Auditorium, Davidson Mathematics and Science Center at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). His coming to Reno was facilitated by Dr. Jeff Thompson the dean of the UNR science department. UNR is where Dr. Smith received his doctorate degree. His allegiance to UNR was a result of his meeting Dr. Steve Jenkins who was his doctoral advisor. They are still good friends and close colleagues. This event was attended by some very renowned people in the science and wildlife communities.

The presentation was very science-based giving total objectivity and rational to a very emotional and often controversial endeavor. It contained many charts and graphs, but it also contained some very vivid images that showed the often ugly reality of Mother Nature. He clarified many of the misunderstandings and emotional reactions to the delisting of the wolf from the ESA and the hunting and killing that has been a result.

I have been conversing with Doug over past several months on many various wolf behavior issues. Doug’s observations and hypothesis about wolf behavior are about the most credible and objective. Our discussions have been very insightful and are being used in the writings of my log-time book project – A Wolf’s View of Man. I truly value our discussions and I am truly honored to have him as a resource and a colleague.