As of October 2008, canine DNA testing has not been able to establish the "markers" needed to determine "Wolf" in a dogs DNA test. The U.S. Wolf Refuge has stepped forward to try to help. We contacted CANINE HERITAGE BREED TEST in Davis California the early part of September and were told by Robin Ray DNA testing for the Wolf that she had just been given the directive to try to identify wolf and coyote in their tests. We volunteered to try to help and she sent us test kits. As of that date we had, what had been presented to us, as 3 pure wolves (Nakai, Stubby & Curly from Ligertown in Idaho).

On October 10th we "swabbed" the animals and on Monday October 13th volunteers Chris Mikulice and Shellie Robertson hand delivered the samples to Robin Ray. At that time were told that they need approximately 40 samples from unrelated animals to identify the "marker", so hopefully we'll be able to help them obtain additional samples.

DNA Testing facility
DNA testing facility