Takoda joins our pack as a rescue from a home in Northern California. Takoda was named Woofie by the children in the area and when his owner acquired him he left the name the same. He is unbelievably affectionate with us human animals and we now understand why his former owner was so desperate to relocate him for the animals protection. Takoda, like many other wolf- dogs, was pretty much impossible to keep contained so whenever he escaped the house he would immediately pay a visit to the one neighbor that disliked his visits the most. After many warnings to Takoda's owner, the man threatened to shoot the wolf-dog if he saw him again. Takoda's owner took these threats very seriously and begged us for help. How could we possibly decline, and now that we have spent time with this wonderful boy we are all so very happy that we did. Takoda has a home with us as long as he needs it.

Takoda's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
92 lbs.

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Your $30.00 donation will be a one-year sponsorship for Takoda. You or the person of your choice will be sent a "Certificate of Adoption" with their name on it, a brief profile sheet for Takoda, and a frameable 5 x 7 photo nicely organized in a folder.

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