Bandit joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on August 15, 2010 as “Lobo”. In keeping with our policy of “New Life-New Name” the staff thought that Bandit suited him perfectly since he has a mask around his eyes.

Bandit is a foreclosure pet that came to us from a family in Reno when he was only 11 months old. By the time this poor pup was 11 months old the refuge had become his third home. First as a young puppy his original owner couldn't keep him and when his second family fell in love with him they lost their home. At that time he was a HUGE, GAUKY, FUNNY-LOOKING animal with more ENERGY and STRENGTH than any of us were used to dealing with. We would joke with each other about which one of us would go into his pen with him to feed, water and clean, and get TRAMPLED by him!


Bandit is (we believe) a wolf-dog that is Wolf and Great Dane OR Wolf and Giant Malamute. He has always had a very sweet, friendly personality but is a lot of dog that most people would find very hard to handle because of his size and strength. He has grown into a STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS WOLF-DOG. He normally shares his 3 acre mountain enclosure with his best-buddy Tully and one or two other large animals. We're confident that we'll be able to find the perfect "forever" home for this big guy someday but until then we thoroughly enjoy his company.

Bandit's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
October 11, 2009
110 lbs.

Bandit, Tully, and Keoke
Bandit, Tully, and Keoke

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