Yahzi, Navajo meaning Little One, joined the United States Wolf Refuge pack on May 24, 2012 via Carson City Animal Control. The shelter contacted us the first part of May asking if there was any way that we could help them by taking this young female wolf-dog off their hands and we were more than happy to accommodate them.

After observing Yahzi for about 6 weeks we came to the conclusion that this little girl is a NOT a wolf-dog at all. We do not have any idea why anyone at the shelter listed her as a wolf-dog (maybe she howled once like many dogs do?). We are very confident she is nothing more than a Husky Mix, and a WONDERFUL one at that! She is very confident and friendly to all of our other pack members. She is vocal joining in with the other pack members when they howl.

Yahzi resides with the House Pack which consists of Catori, Athena and a few of the others that are socially in need of a little more human interaction for a variety of reasons. Yahzi loves a little more attention than some of the others. She is a sweetheart that has been passed over a few times for adoption because she has what appears to be an unsolvable mystery nasal condition that sometimes makes her sneeze or kind of snort like a little piggy…somewhat endearing after you get know her well. Yahzi would make a wonderful addition to any family that is Northern Breed savvy.

Yahzi's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
Sept. 2011
50 lbs.

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