Temerity (that was not her name at the time) was brought in to the City/County Animal Shelter in Aspen Colorado as a stray that was found with a Black Lab, fending for themselves near a cabin in Redstone Colorado. The shelter has a policy of not adopting out wolfdogs. They usually are destroyed. She was then brought to the Aspen Animal Hospital to be put down. At the end of the day the veterinarian and a vet tech noticed that they still had this last procedure to do - euthanize the shelter dog. They both walked back to the kennel together to find Temerity. The vet tech and Temerity locked eyes. She turned to the vet and said, "There is no way were putting her down." He agreed. She then went to the shelter manager and asked him if she could take possession of Temerity, and find her a home at a Wolf Sanctuary. He agreed to this because he really didn't want her destroyed either.

This vet tech called the U.S. Wolf Refuge, and several weeks later, she brought her to us. Since that time in April of 1997, Temerity's behavior and demeanor has been the epitome of what you would want of any dog, much less a wolfdog. During her early years at the Refuge she was in second place to the renowned ambassador – Pioneer. Upon his passing in 2002, Temerity stepped right into being ambassador like a true champion. She is one of the most social and loving animals I have ever known.

Temerity's Statistics

Jan 1996 – May 15, 2012


The vet at Aspen Animal Hospital estimated Temerity to be about a year old at the time she was there. That makes her over 12 years old today (Feb 09). She is in perfect physical condition and does not act or look her age. She will be sorely missed when she is called to "cross the bridge." We are actively seeking a much younger animal to be her student and "life-partner" so that he/she can take over when "T" goes to "the big doghouse in the sky."

This vet tech was an avid skier, and one of her favorite slopes was called Temerity. That is the origin of her name. This is a word in the English dictionary with the meaning of "boldness."