SHADOW joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on September 26, 2008 at 3:00 in the morning. An "emergency" transport, Shadow's owners in Newark California made the heart breaking decision to place Shadow in our care due to the impending loss of their home. Shadow is more bonded and comfortable with other animals than he is with people. The shy, evasive nature of this boy is as typical of the wolf, as those light blue eyes are of the Husky/Wolf Mix. Because of Shadow’s temperament, although he is a permanent resident at our refuge, he is not available for adoption.

Shadow is a high content Wolf-Dog, meaning he is more wolf than dog. He is bonded with pack member Nala and at this time they happily share their beautiful three acre mountain enclosure with senior pack member Cherokee. The three of them spend their days leisurely wandering among the trees and rocks stopping to nap in the shade whenever they choose.

Shadow's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
February 18, 2006
85 lbs.
No. Permanent Resident

The US Wolf Refuge "Adopt-a-Wolf" Program

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Your $30.00 donation will be a one-year sponsorship for Shadow. You or the person of your choice will be sent a "Certificate of Adoption" with their name on it, a brief profile sheet for Shadow, and a frameable 5 x 7 photo nicely organized in a folder.

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