Over the years, Pioneer and I visited many school, fairs, shopping malls and other public events in an effort to demonstrate that the wolf is not the evil creature that some legends portray, but a majestic animal that should be cherished, respected, and protected.

Alas, Pioneer is no longer a part of this physical earth, but very much alive through photos and the memories of those he met, and helped to understand the true story of the wolf.

Pioneer — diplomat for the United States Wolf Refuge. "He made this world a better place"

Learn before you judge. For more information about wolves and wolf-hybrids, contact Bill Chamberlain, Director of the United States Wolf Refuge and Adoption Center.

Wolves and Wolf-hybrids are magnificent animals that many see as a status symbol. Before you consider getting one, read Bill Chamberlain's Placement Guide. It will give you some great insight and guidance.