Niko joined our pack on January 8, 2014 from Chico Animal Control in Chico CA. He is a high-energy, high-strung guy that does not take readily to human males. With each day and each hour Bill Chamberlain spends with him he is slowly gaining relational ground, but it will be quite some time (if ever) that he will be totally comfortable with him.

At just 13 months old he was turned into the shelter by his previous owner (a young female student) who did not have the time, nor the knowledge, to properly care for him. Niko spent between 4-8 hours a day in her house alone and often was destructive. She indicated that he was housebroken however we found him far too exuberant to reside with the Refuge's "indoor/outdoor gang" that has occasional access to the house. Niko is now living with Cheyanne and they seem to be truly enjoying each others company. They are about the same age, the same size, and they both have plenty of youthful energy. He is in excellent health and has a ferocious appetite.

Niko is an animal that will require/demand a great deal of time and patience. He is still in the formative years of his life and the habits and behaviors he establishes today will determine his quality of life in the years to come. Making sure those habits and behaviors are ones that will benefit him all through his life is a huge responsibility. Bill Chamberlain says that he will gladly accept this mission and undertake it with the utmost of care.

Niko's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
December 26, 2012
80 lbs.

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