Nikita joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on June 15, 2009 via San Francisco Samoyed Rescue. They rescued him from Merced Animal Control knowing that Nikita was obviously a Samoyed mix. Because of his larger size we feel that he may be a Samoyed/White Shepherd or possibly Samoyed/Malamute mix.

Over the period of time with Samoyed Rescue this sweet dog proved himself to be such an accomplished escape artist that each of his adopted people and the fosters that tried to care for him gave up on him. A member of the group knew and contacted Shellie Robertson with the U.S. Wolf Refuge asking for a visit and evaluation of this dog. They were at the end of their rope with him and had come to the conclusion that Nikita could possibly be a Samoyed/Wolf mix. USWR Volunteers Chris Mikulice and Shellie went to the foster's home to meet Nikita and to observe him for awhile. Anything is possible and since it appeared that this animal was now at risk and we at that time had the open space for him we agreed to take him.

Nikita has been with the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack for quite some time now and we are confident that he is NOT a wolf-dog. We have had a lot of time to evaluate him thoroughly and all in all, Nikita is a really good DOG deserving of a new forever home with an EXPERIENCED WITH NORTHERN BREEDS dog owner. He is very social with all people and other dogs. He is an accomplish escape artist that can unlock some gates and could, in his younger days, climb fences. He has proven to be comfortable with older children and would most likely thrive with an active family that includes him in their activities and is willing to make a secure outdoor area for him. As with most Northern Breeds, cats would not be a good mix.


Nikita's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
80 lbs.

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