Nala joined the U.S. Wolf Refuge pack on July 30, 2009 as an emergency, last minute, cooperative rescue effort where USWR Volunteers Shellie Robertson, Dean Robertson and Sally Flores pulled together and answered her former owners begging phone calls to pick her up before he had no other option than to walk inside the doors of the Animal Control Facility near Manteca California. We all know what could have happened then! The family was splitting up and the man was leaving for the East coast on a plane the following morning. The wife insisted that Nala be gone by then too.

Within an hour of the initial phone call to Shellie, Dean jumped in his truck and drove to the person's Manteca home to pick up NALA and then continued on from there transporting her to Sacramento where Sally was waiting for her. NALA spent the night on the foot of Sally's bed and then the following morning she and Bill Chamberlain met near Colfax for the exchange of this very frightened 8 month old pup.

Initially as a younger wolf-dog Nala was an extremely high strung, nervous little girl which is the typical wolf behavior that we expected, however, for a very long time she wanted little to no interaction with us humans at all. She has now grown up at the refuge and has adapted well to her new home. She is now a much more interactive girl and we enjoy her company very much.

Nala leads a fuller, happier life now that she has been paired up with her admirer Shadow. They are a very stunning pair that have now become a bonded pair and luckily the two of them have now welcomed the company of our most senior pack member, Cherokee. The three of them share a beautiful three acre mountain enclosure where they have the freedom to wander, soak up the sun or simply nap under the shade of a tree to their hearts content.

Nala's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
Available for adoption:
December 25, 2008
80 lbs.


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