We'd like everyone to welcome "Mira" to our pack. Mira is a "NOT-A-Wolf-Dog-MUTT" and comes to us via the Modesto California Animal Shelter on Saturday, March 20th.

On March 18th, Wolf/Wolf-Dog/Any Dog Rescuer Shellie Robertson began getting emails and calls from fellow rescue people and then the shelter itself, letting her know that there was a wolf-dog at the shelter that needed rescuing. After looking at a few pictures and asking questions she told them it was likely NOT a wolf-dog so we would be unable to help. Then more emails came flooding in saying "EVERYBODY" says it's a wolf, so on March 19th the shelter was advised that we would come the following day to meet, observe, and possibly rescue this animal

Upon arrival at the shelter, and meeting the animal, it was confirmed that it was HIGHLY unlikely that this little dog had any wolf in her at all, but while interacting with her we were advised that if we turned her down she was on the list to be euthanized. Volunteers Shellie & Chris Mikulice pulled the dog and saved her life.

Mira's Statistics

Spay or Neutered
60 lbs.

"Mira" as she has been named, is one of the sweetest animals on four legs, about 2 or 3 years old, loves children, is ok with cats and other dogs. She is somewhat skittish and insecure (who wouldn't be!) but once she meets you she is a Velcro-dog. It appears she needs secure fencing.

Bill Chamberlain and volunteer Tammy Boatwright made the trip to California to pick this little gal up and take her back to Nevada where she is currently becoming Temerity and Athena's new bed friend.